Committees discuss new school year at Aug. 17, 2015 SGA meeting

On Monday, Aug. 17, the Student Government Association discussed the goals for the year and voted on three student organizations that were seeking recognition by the university. The implementation plan of a new alcohol education course was also presented.

SGA and other attendees listen as organizations petition to be recognized by the university. (Photo by Jennifer Purcell)

SGA and other attendees listen as organizations petition to be recognized by the university. (Photo by Jennifer Purcell)

The meeting began with President Michaela Climer recognizing the freshmen that attended the meeting and were interested in running for freshmen representatives. Then a student who was interested in becoming a senior representative was also recognized.

Vice President Jake Elhabbassi then presented what he had learned from a spirit conference that he and two other representatives attended. The conference was a three-day event on collegiate pride, spirit, and tradition. Elhabbassi said that he would like to implement a Color Day on campus where all students would wear UNG blue.

At the meeting, three organizations had a representative seeking to be recognized by the university. Climer explained to attendees that SGA votes on whether or not to send these organizations to Student Life for approval. The Music Theater Workshop, The Southern Poverty Law Center on Campus Chapter, and HOPE at UNG were all recommended to Student Life.

The deadline for Freshman Representative applications was announced for Aug. 28 before the floor was given to subcommittees. Each subcommittee was given a chance to state any goals for the school year.

The Food Services Committee expressed a desire to send out surveys to students about theme nights for the dining hall. The Parking and Safety Committee announced that the parking deck behind the library should be completed by September. There will be 404 new parking spaces.

The Relations Committee announced that the Instagram account had been launched and would hopefully become a tool to engage students. The Spirit Committee announced that they were hoping to help students understand what the athletic fee cover. “A lot of students don’t know where any of their fees go to,” said committee chair Brandon Agar.

The Technology Committee discussed upgrading the UNG app and educating students on how their technology fee is allocated. Committee chair Hunter Stringer stated that any feedback on the app would be welcome.

Then, the Corps Representative, Nathaniel Cutler, announced that the Corps would be having a movie night on Aug. 28 in Memorial. A mixer with the new freshman cadets would begin at 8 p.m., and then “The Heat” would be shown at 9 p.m. All students are welcome to attend.

Alyson Paul, the Dean of Students on the Dahlonega campus, then discussed the online courses freshmen were now required to take. Haven and AlcoholEdu are mandated by the University System of Georgia. Next semester, the courses are expected to be offered to all students.

Paul explained that the online courses are meant to educate students about alcohol. They are divided into two parts. After the first part is completed, there is a thirty-day wait period before the second part can be completed.

Freshmen who have not completed this course cannot register for spring semester and will have a hold placed on their account. SGA members are taking the courses with the freshmen to provide feedback about the effectiveness of the program.

The need to begin planning this year’s memorial for September 11 was then discussed. “The ceremony may be held at noon because the date falls on a Friday,” said Climer.

Due to some concerns about the allocation of funds, SGA discussed making that information more public. Students can go see Wes Thomas, the Associate Dean of Student Involvement, for more information. Thomas suggested that SGA print a publication with information shown in charts, graphs, etc.

SGA meets every Monday at 5:30 in the Hoag ABC rooms. All students are invited to attend.


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