‘Jurassic World’ Screening on Oconee Campus

Students are encouraged to enjoy the fall evening by picking up free tickets for themselves, friends and family for a 7:00 p.m. showing of “Jurassic World” at UNG Oconee’s Oct. 1 outdoor movie night.

Last years showing of 'Maleficent' (Photo Credit: Lindsay Bailey)

Last years showing of ‘Maleficent’
(Photo Credit: Lindsay Bailey)

Lindsay Bailey, director of Student Involvement at UNG Oconee, wants to make sure that all students have the chance to attend the movie night that will serve as a “fun college experience” for students and their friends, family and peers.

Bailey asks that all students who plan to attend come by the Office of Student Involvement and pick up a free ticket for themselves and anyone that they plan on bringing.

“It helps us kind of figure out how many people are going to come so we can get supplies,” Bailey said.

Attendees are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets to sit on. Snacks and refreshments are fine to bring, but the staff will also provide some of their own for the audience. Popcorn and drinks are to be expected.

Weather permitting, the movie night will be held on the Quad. According to Bailey, the turnout for the event is expected to be “really good.”

Last year’s attendance included thirty-two students and around twenty community members, but Bailey expects those numbers to increase because of the change of the scheduling.

Instead of hosting the event in later in the year, it has been moved up to Oct. 1. “It was way too cold,” Bailey said of last year’s movie night event.

Nighthawks Entertainment, the event’s sponsor, made the decision to move the time of the showing back so that it gets dark enough to easily see the movie, but move the date forward so that participants won’t have to brave the cold in order to attend.
While the Quad opens for attendees at 7:00 p.m., the movie won’t be shown until 7:30 p.m.

Anyone that worries about rain affecting the status of the movie night can put his or her concerns to rest. “We’ll still show the movie,” Bailey said. “We’ll just move it indoors.”
This will be the third annual movie night that UNG Oconee has hosted. At the previous two movie nights, attendees were screened “Monster’s Inc.” and “Maleficent.” Nighthawks Entertainment decided on “Jurassic World” as this year’s movie to show in an attempt to keep consistent with choosing family friendly movies that people of all ages can enjoy.

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