SGA discusses leadership, traditions and transparency at Sept. 14 meeting

Kelsey Kennedy, a graduate student, discusses the new leadership minor tracks. (Photo by Rachel Richards)
Kelsey Kennedy, a graduate student, discusses the new leadership minor tracks. (Photo by Rachel Richards)

Leadership, campus traditions and transparency were at the forefront of SGA’s meeting Monday.

Kelsey Kennedy, a graduate student in international affairs, presented on the new leadership minor. According to Kennedy, the mission of the minor is to have students learn theories of leadership and apply them. Any students interested can see Dr. Bryan Dawson, assistant professor of psychological science.

SGA then discussed the Honor2Lead event that will be Friday, Sept. 25 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. The event will be held in the library and will have two simulcast locations, the Health and Natural Sciences Auditorium and Hoag Auditorium. The event will feature Dr. John C. Maxwell, Lt. Gen. James L. Terry, Aflac CIO Julia Davis, Local Motors founder Jay Rogers, and Maj. Gen. Stayce Harris.

According to Michaela Climer, students must make a reservation for this event, but it is free to students. Students who attend can also download an app to watch the event on demand.

Because of SGA’s goal to become more transparent, they will attempt to hold a town hall meeting one Wednesday during the meeting hour, according to Brandon Agar, chair of the spirit committee. Andy Ruff, head of the academic judiciary committee, suggested that SGA post their minutes on Facebook so all students can access them.

Nathaniel Cutler, the representative for the Corps of Cadets, announced that the Senior Military College Review will be coming to campus on Sept. 20. Cutler also said that he felt not all students were respecting the campus’s traditions.

“I’ve noticed this year, and I don’t know if it’s because we have new people…but a lot of people are walking on the grass,” Cutler said.

“I think we’ve always had this issue,” said Alyson Paul, dean of students. “Everyone should be enforcing this, not just the Corps.”

Jacob Finn, a senior in the Corps of Cadets, said that a board with six cadets would be meeting soon with UNG President Bonita Jacobs to discuss the future of the school and the future of the Corps. Finn also said that he wants student input before he speaks with Jacobs regarding his own concerns about the growth of campus and its traditions.

“I think Dahlonega deserves a small school environment,” Finn said. “And decades ago, the Corps was the nucleus of this school.”

Last week, a motion was presented to reallocate the budget for the spirit committee since MidNighthawk Madness has been cancelled. After tabling it for a week, the representatives moved to vote on it. Molly Knight, chair of the elections committee, said she was concerned because the new budget took away some money from homecoming.

According to Knight, last year the budget for homecoming was $2,500, and this year the spirit committee suggested making the homecoming budget $2,000. Knight said she worried about a substantial portion of money being taken away from the budget. Agar said that the other $500 was going to special initiatives, and if they needed to, the committee could pull money from the special initiatives budget.

The motion passed, and this year’s budget for the spirit committee includes $1,500 for three tailgates, $500 for special initiatives, and $2,000 for homecoming. Agar also announced that the first tailgate event will be Sept. 22 at 5:30 p.m.

Hunter Stringer, chair of the technology committee, announced that new access points are being added to Owen Hall.

On Oct. 9, the representatives will be attending a university-wide SGA meeting in Gainesville. Gainesville SGA and Oconee SGA will be in attendance.

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  • Steve Williams

    As a 1986 NG alumnus, I appreciate the efforts of current students, cadet and non-cadet, to show, encourage, and enforce respect for our beloved alma mater’s history and traditions. God bless you and God bless North Georgia.

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