Budget Cuts for Next Year Hinders Nighthawks Entertainment

The UNG Oconee Campus has slashed the budget for clubs this year, and while Nighthawks Entertainment has been impacted by this action, the members of the club are working hard to make this semester eventful for the students.

Last year's Spring Fling shirt, may be limited this year.

Last year’s Spring Fling shirt, may be limited this year.

Nighthawks Entertainment’s 2015 allocation was $31,000, but in 2016, the club’s allocation will be decreased to $23,000. While it may seem that the club is getting enough funds to plan events for both the fall and spring semester, it was evident that the slash in the club’s budget made a significant impact.

“We don’t have a lot of money to work with,” said Lindsay Bailey, the director of student involvement. “We are making it work.” Samantha Dean, the president of Nighthawks Entertainment, mentioned that both the fall carnival and spring fling budget got cut, and that the club will not have as many comedians and magicians as before. “It is disappointing just because we can’t do everything we wanted to do,” Dean stated. “But it is nice because we can do a lot more homegrown activities.”

It is not for certain whether or not there will be an increase in the club’s budget in the future, but Dean is hopeful. “It probably won’t increase next semester,” said Dean, “but next year, hopefully it will.”

The members of Nighthawks Entertainment are planning a spectacular semester regardless of the budget cut. Some big events that are happening on the UNG Oconee Campus this semester are the comedian Adam Grabowski, outdoor movie night and the fall carnival. Adam Grabowski will be on campus Sept. 23. Dean spoke of Grabowski and his work mentioning that the comedian “is hilarious.”

Spring Fling 2014 (Photo Cred: Joshua L Jones)

Spring Fling 2014
(Photo Cred: Joshua L Jones)

The outdoor movie night is a reoccurring event on campus; it will be held on Oct. 1. “It is one of my personal favorites because it is so much fun,” said Dean. “You get to sit out on the quad and watch a movie on the big screen.”

The fall carnival, which is one of the biggest events on campus, will be held on Oct. 28.

It is really easy to get involved in Nighthawks Entertainment. The club meets in Room 512 on Mondays, and Bailey mentioned that all the student has to do is “show up and start participating.” If a student wants to officially join this club, they can sign up on OrgSync.

Bailey gave advice towards students who may be considering whether or not to get involved with Nighthawks Entertainment. “It takes a lot to get out of your shell – I know, I’m super shy – and it took me a while to get involved in college,” said Bailey. “It was really scary, but I am so glad I did because it made college so much more enjoyable. When you are a part of a community and feel welcomed somewhere, it makes where you’re going everyday much more enjoyable. So this is a way to really get connected to this community. It really makes a difference.”

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