Degree, major and campus change now available on Banner Web

University of North Georgia students can now change their degree, major and campus online by logging on to Banner Web, clicking the “Student” tab and choosing the link labeled “Transition- Change Degree (Level), Major, Minor, and/or Home Campus.”

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“The online platform is efficient and easily accessed in Banner Web. It routes students through a series of questions and, based on responses, ensures that requests are being appropriately processed,” Terri Carroll, UNG’s Gainesville campus’s academic advising director, said.

Students often change degrees when moving from one level to the next, such as finishing an associate’s degree and starting a bachelor’s. Some students enjoy getting an early jump on upper-level courses.

Admission and degree requirements are listed and should be referred to before registration for classes in the field the student is interested in.

There are requirements needed for transitioning to the next degree level like:

  • An overall GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • All learning support and required high school courses are required to be completed
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours is required prior to transition from an associate’s to a bachelor’s

Students often transition from one campus to another when a certain degree is not offered on their current campus.

While there are many UNG campuses, they don’t all offer the same degrees. This sometimes causes students to change campuses to complete their desired degree.

Students are not required to fill out a transition request form to transfer between Oconee, Gainesville, and Cumming. Students would need to send their campus transition request to from their UNG student email.

Students are required to fill out the transition request form when transitioning to or from the Dahlonega campus, as campus fees must be applied.

However, Carroll said that the students on the Gainesville campus must still meet with the transition advisor, who signs off on their request forms prior to processing.

“We plan to make this a requirement on all other campuses for fall 2016,” said Carroll. “A change in campuses may cause in a change in your fees.”

If you are changing your home campus (Gainesville, Oconee, or Cumming) to Dahlonega campus, you are required to pay additional student fees.

If you change your degree level from associate’s to bachelor’s, you will be paying additional tuition.

All of these additional student fees and tuition will vary depending on your campus transition and degree change.

Here is a link to the tuition and fees page on the UNG website for more information.

Even though these changes and transitions are now offered online, Carroll said, it is still recommended for students to meet with their advisors.

For more information on transitioning at UNG, students can email

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