Thoughts for spring break workers to keep in mind

There are many college students who don’t go on vacation over spring break, but stay back and work or pick up as many shifts as possible. Since the University of North Georgia is primarily a commuting school, except for the Dahlonega campus, most students are balancing a job and classes. It can be hard to take off of work and many of us simply cannot afford it.

If you are working during spring break, here are some advantages that will help ease you through the break:

Saving: Since this a week of no classes, most of us are able to pick up shifts that we would not usually be able to pick up because of conflicting class schedules. More hours means more money and the week of earning extra money allows for saving and not living paycheck to paycheck. Spring break is a great time to get in those hours for those just in case moments.

Relationships: Working during this break will give you a better relationship with your coworkers or boss. This sacrifice of working during the break is appreciated by your boss, they know you are on spring break and working. You can help coworkers out by covering their shifts now and when you need one covered, they will totally owe you one.

Contests: Last year when I was working during spring break, I came across the hashtag #workingduringspringbreak and it was a contest for students who were working during spring break to promote a safe spring break! Look for contests during spring break and you could win a useful reward!

Get things done: Most of us are working and going to school at the same time, but since classes will be canceled, this is a great time to organize or get those ”I’ll do that when I have time” things done. Since you will have some time, organize or get caught up on reading for some of those classes. Get ahead of the schedule so you can relax and take the stress off of the returning week back to school.

Working during spring break is not a bad thing at all and should be considered by more students. Working when you have time can help in the long run and save you in the time of emergencies. Don’t feel upset when you see those Snapchats of friends on vacation because you can save up and go on an extravagant vacation during summer! Work hard now, have way more fun later. And to those one vacation, stay safe.

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