Be prepared for finals with our tips

Finals are right around the corner and it is the prime time for students to get overstressed and give up. Seniors are facing mega-Senioritis around this time and other students cannot wait for summer.

Finals carry a heavy weight in most classes and it is important that students do well on these exams because they can have an impact on your grade.

But, they should not be something students should run away from, but face head-on and excel every one.

  • Check the calendar: Check what dates and times you have finals. This is key to succeeding in your finals, because you will be prepared for the time and place of your final. If you are looking up the dates last minute, that is just another factor adding on to the stress we already have. Make sure you are going to be OK if you have two finals on the same day. There are policies in which students can reschedule a final if they have three or more, so if that is too much for you, go ahead and contact your professors and see if they will reschedule for you.
  • Get enough sleep: Get the maximum amount of sleep you can possibly get, because you do not want to be sleep-deprived finals week. Sleep will take over and aid in procrastination. Get enough sleep because the better the mood, the better your energy. Also, a study revealed that students who pull all-nighters have lower GPAs.
  • Study in shorter intervals: Studying in 15-20 minute intervals helps your body and mind stay focused on the information. You are less likely to forget that information if you keep rotating your study times. Psychology research has shown that the brain loses focus after 40 minutes of constant studying. Try not to exceed that time and keep switching it around.
  • Put the cellular device on silent: Distractions can really take a toll on your studying methods. If you are distracted, the brain will not retain information. Your cell phone being off will allow you to focus on studying and you will not be prone to grab your phone because of a notification. Try to forget about your phone for a while to get in some studying.
  • Peers and professors: Ask your peers and other students in the class about their studying methods and see if you can join a group study, because everyone retains information in different ways and some information you may not know, your classmate might and this will help you in your exam. Email or talk to your professors about what your best study route is. Ask for helpful information. Your professors want you to succeed, so asking them won’t hurt you.
  • Think positive: Study as much as you can and be confident in yourself. Studies show that when a person thinks negatively, there are negative outcomes. Even if you don’t believe in these studies, study so you are confident enough and not panicking last minute. Be sure you are ready for the exam and not uncertain.

Get ready for those final exams and ace them. Do what works for you and you should be fine. Finals are around the beginning of May for the University of North Georgia so go check out the dates and be prepared!

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