Wild-N-Out brings comedy to UNG Dahlonega campus

wild n out 3
Students and Wild ‘n Out cast members gathered on stage for a party at the end of the show. (Photo by Skylar Cleland)

Nick Cannon and MTV’s Wild ‘n Out cast brought comedy and music to hundreds of University of North Georgia Dahlonega campus students in the Memorial Hall Gym Monday, April 4.

The Wild ‘n Out cast is visiting colleges all over the country and even some schools overseas. The Wild ‘n Out college tour is season eight of the show, which was started by Cannon in 2005.

“Doing the show keeps me young and intact,” Cannon said in an interview. “It’s a lot of fun to get out there and be around the people that made the show go as long as it has.”

However, many UNG students were confused as to why the show chose UNG, a smaller university, to film an episode.

“Why not?” Cannon said. “We wanted to go places that not a lot of people knew about and connect with real people.”

The show began with comedian Matt Rife, or as Cannon called him, the “Justin Bieber of comedy,” who talked about what a small town Dahlonega was.

“While we were driving in, I’m pretty sure I saw someone churning butter,” Rife said in his comedy set.

The next comedian, DC Young Fly, and Wild-N-Out’s rookie of the year, started out his set with an off-key rendition of “Jesse’s Girl.” Shortly after, the third comedian Chico Bean gave UNG students some much needed advice.

“Music gets you through your day, but don’t ever listen to 2-Chainz before a test because he makes no sense and you’ll forget everything,” Bean said during his set.

Karlous Miller, the fourth comedian on stage, joked about the amount of police officers Dahlonega has for being such a small town.

“This place must be a police training facility or something,” Miller said in his skit.

Cannon also made some appearances in between the other comedians to keep the mood up while the others prepared themselves.

“It must have been nice to have milk,” Cannon said jokingly during the show. “I had to eat my Raisin Bran with water. The raisins turned back into grapes.”

The last comedian on stage was RIP Michaels. He started out his segment playing Miley Cyrus’ song, “Party in the U.S.A” and kept the momentum and mood up throughout his segment.

RIP Michaels does his comedy segment
RIP Michaels performs his comedy skit. (Photo by Skylar Cleland)

The fun didn’t end there, though. The Wild ‘n Out games started directly after Michaels’ segment. UNG students were pulled onstage and used as players in the “Family Reunion” freestyle game, where the Wild ‘n Out cast members introduced the students as members of their family-in a comedic fashion.

The show wrapped up with a rap battle and a musical performance, and UNG students got the opportunity to stand up and party with the cast members.

After the show ended, many students got the opportunity to meet and take pictures with the cast members.

“The Wild ‘n Out show was so awesome to get the chance to experience,” freshman Megan Learner said.

The tour will continue throughout April, performing at Missouri Western State University, Bradley University and the University of Louisiana.

“Being on tour is just a group of guys hanging out going on a road trip. It’s like being in college all over again for me,” Cannon said.

The season will contain 10 episodes and if the UNG episode airs, it will premiere in the summer.

“The UNG crowd had some great energy and I loved every aspect of it. It was like one big party,” Cannon said.





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