Top 5 campus sculptures

If you’ve walked around the Gainesville campus long enough, you probably noticed a few statues here and there. When did they get here? Who made them? What do they mean? What’s with all of the questions? I don’t have any of these answers, but I certainly have some theories.

1. The Ring

A red ring sitting atop a nondescript pedestal next to the Dunlap-Mathis building. The circle represents a continuous struggle for academic success, with the hole in the center representing the emptiness within us. The red symbolizes our fiery passion to finish college. Then again, it could just be a red loop on a pedestal. Who knows? No one.



2. The Metal Arch Thing

This one can be found right in front of the library. The library can be found across from the gym, in case you didn’t know there was a library on Gainesville campus. Each arch contains a slightly smaller arch, and each small arch is within a large arch. The smallest arch represents the child within each of us, just waiting to come out. The true majesty of this piece is revealed when the sun is directly overhead. The sun creates perfect shadow squares on the base. These squares represent something called “geometry”, or something like that.



3. The Metal Palm Tree

The Metal Palm Tree is mysterious and alluring. It’s a tree-like torch statue that sits slightly to the right of the Dunlap-Mathis building. You have probably passed this one multiple times thinking it was a dying sapling. This piece is slightly reminiscent of a firework that has been cemented to the ground. So is this a tree? Is it a torch? Is it a firework? Is it art? Yes.



4. This Thing

This sculpture is between the Strickland building, the Dunlap-Mathis building and the library. Three separate metal rectangles come together to form a confusing piece of art. Does it represent the courtyard between the three buildings? Maybe. It could also just represent a convoluted love triangle or just be three rectangles. Voila, art!



5. The Pair of Tongues

This is just a pair of tongues doing yoga beside the Nesbitt building. Stop staring and move along.


  • Hunter is a senior at the University of North Georgia, and 4 year staff member for the UNG Vanguard. Former Assistant Editor-in-Chief, News Editor, and Media Coordinator. Lives off iced coffee and politics.

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