The Stages of Utter Despair and Failure During Add/Drop Week

So, you have made it to the first week of classes. The “excitement” of meeting new professors, getting your assignments for the semester and the splendid joy of parking overwhelm your brain as you walk into the building. After the first few days of classes, you have some reservations about certain factors of these classes.

The professor expects your whole life to revolve around their one class, the kid who sits next to you smells like vodka and bad decisions, you have to be at school at 8 am everyday, or any other number of killjoy reasons you need to switch classes.

Looks like it’s time to visit the good ole’ Add/Drop website to check out other classes are available. Here are the stages of complete and utter despair of trying to find new classes during add/drop week.

1) You type in the URL for Nighthawk Registration with a profound sense of hope.

There must be a better time available for Advanced College Algebra. Because who can do math at 8 in the morning, nevertheless any other time of the day?

2) Jackpot! They have another class available at 1 pm instead.

And it still has plenty of spots left! The college gods must be on your side today.

3) You look up the professor just in case.

Because is such a lifesaver for steering clear of those less-than-popular professors.

4) The results are in…this professor is HORRIBLE.

That explains why there are so many spots still open. This professor is known for giving pop quizzes and doesn’t let you leave the classroom to go to the bathroom. The current professor you have is one of the best…

5) Decisions, decisions…

So, do you stay in the 8 a.m. class and slowly die of early morning exhaustion, or take a chance on a new, potentially life-ruining professor?

6) Coming to the realization that life will never be perfect.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. When it comes to college, you’ll never be able to have the perfect schedule with perfect people. You have to take one for the team. But, hey, the bright side is you have more of an excuse to take a long, well deserved nap after that 8 a.m. Algebra class. (But honestly, who needs an excuse? It’s a nap.)

May the odds of Add/Drop week be ever in your favor.


  • Briana is a Senior at the University of North Georgia Gainesville Campus. She is studying her Bachelors in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. Her other interests include marketing, social media, cute animals, food and sleep. Her long term goals include becoming a world-renowned Buzzfeed author, entertainment host, pet adoption advocate and owner of as many dogs as possible.

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