Oconee SGA holds forum of student concerns

The Student Government Association held its Forum of Student Concerns in early March. Students get their questions answered from a board of higher-ups and department heads that are responsible for various organizations around UNG Oconee.Student

The first concern addressed was the need for a stoplight off of highway 441. This issue has been brought up at previous forums and the D.O.T was supposed to have placed the stoplight Fall 2016. Students are advised to contact the Oconee County board of commissioners and let them know how important the stoplight is to them for the public safety for all drivers.

The construction of the hot food portion of the café has been set back again due to an issue with county approval. In order to continue the café needs the Oconee County health department to sign off. It has been a slow process however, the café is supposed to be up and running with food items such as pizza before this Spring 2017 semester is over.

Students also asked officials if there would ever be security cameras added to the school parking lot. Public safety replied that it would take additional funding but it is definitely something they will look into in order to make our campus safer. There is currently a security camera in parking lot c that is monitored by our dispatch system. They also hope to eventually add security cameras in the building as well.

The Wellness Hall has been a hot topic for some time now. Officials say that there has been a budget request and they hope to remodel that area. The Wellness Hall will eventually become a student-focused lounge area as well as an area for additional study space for students to relax and play video games.

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