The UNG Oconee Atrium: study space or playground?

Students with jobs that pay their way through college seem to be using their time more productively than the students that are free from jobs and bills. The Atrium is constantly housing students throughout the week. It is a place for lunch, socializing, studying and apparently childish games for some adult students.

When questioning students it became apparent that the ones with jobs and/or paying for their own education were making use of their time wisely. Studying for a test, reading, doing homework, or comparing notes with other classmates. Students considered these to be productive things that students could be doing on campus with their break between classes.

Some students can be observed in and around the Atrium engaging in what some referred to as “horseplay.” This could range from a vast variety of things such as; making excessive noise, rough housing, getting rowdy while playing video games, rude/disruptive language, and what one person described as “strange humping.”

Students that exhibited this behaviour were questioned individually. Every student that was questioned had either no job and very few had a small part-time job. All of the students showing immature behaviour live with their parents or in an environment provided by a guardian. None of the students questioned were living on their own or financially capable of providing for themselves.

Some students don’t mind the disturbance in the atrium and understand that students need to blow off steam sometimes. There is no need to be serious all the time. All work and no play can burn you out. While other students have noticed that it is the same students that are repeat offenders in disturbing their time between classes. Because uncontrolled counterproductivity doesn’t pay the bills either.

Not having bills or a job has kept these students from learning the value of their time and they fail to notice the money at stake in not taking every advantage to succeed in college. It seems that it is  all fun and games until it’s your own money on the line.

Sorry but high school is over and it’s pay to play from here on out. It is no coincidence that the ones who are paying out of their own pocket to be in college are using their time more efficiently. While others are able to continue living the illusion that all they need to do is the required minimum to succeed and someone will cover the cost like it was in grade school.
If you can get your college paid for, don’t have to work, keep your grades up, and still maintain a strong childish social life go right ahead, Peter Pan. However, if your grades are slipping, you are finding yourself repeating classes, and you fall into the category of “displays childish behavior” it might be time to buckle down.

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