Throwback Thursday playlist: the best of the early 2000s

Before Beyoncé and Jay-Z were “Drunk in Love,” they were “Crazy in Love,” Christina Aguilera was in her dirty phase and we still thought Britney and Justin would be together forever. We were burning our music from LimeWire or BearShare to CDs or downloading it to our MP3 players. Midriffs, bikini tops, rhinestones and platform sandals were abundant; throwback jerseys matching your Air Force Ones were a must; and you most definitely needed to have your polo collar popped. It was a simpler time.

Xtina, circa "Lady Marmalade."

Xtina, circa “Lady Marmalade.”

This playlist is dedicated to the best of the early 2000s.

Special shoutouts to education majors Janie Luckey, Courtney Phillips, Blaire Stewart, Haley Griffin, Leighann Wright and communications majors Tanya Lyn and Rachael Graham for their contributions to this playlist.

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