The top hangout spots on UNG’s Gainesville campus

Freshmen, don’t worry. We’ve all had the panic attacks about what to do during the three-hour breaks you have between classes (we’ve also had the crappy freshman schedule). As time goes on, you’ll learn where to go, where to sit and whom not to look at. Lucky for you all, I’ve compiled the top seven spots for you to hang out or escape to cry privately.


A nice, quiet place in the theater building.

Theater building: This is the perfect place for the student with crippling social anxiety. Since there is literally never more than six people in the building at a time, this is the ideal quiet spot for you to study, nap or continue on your newly picked-up hobby of knitting. I mean, what? I usually don’t like giving away all of my secrets, but if you’re like me and eat constantly, the tables across from the vending machines are the ideal spot for you to eat your feelings while you struggle to write all of those ENGL 1001 papers you procrastinated on.

Library study rooms: If you’re lucky enough to find one of these rooms empty, take advantage. On the top floor of the library right across from the stairs, these rooms are the best place to go for your hardcore study session. Each room has a blackboard on the wall with chalk provided, to help with studying or satiate your addiction to vandalism, without the felony charge. These little slices of heaven are meant for group study sessions, so if you don’t have any friends you might be asked to give up your room for people who do.

In a tree: Everybody has seen the hammocks randomly hanging around campus, and no matter how much we make fun of them, we are all thinking, “I really wish I could take a nap in that right now.” This could also give you an opportunity to meet people you have something in common with, so when it’s too cold to “hang out,” you can score one of those library study rooms without getting booted.

Starbucks: Well, sort of. Although the coffee shop on the second floor does brew Starbucks coffee, they will not accept your gold card. If you’re willing to look past this inconvenience, you and your friends (or just you) can take your pick from high-topped tables, normal-height tables and lounge chairs. Usually a crowded spot during the day, it’s perfect for the student eager to make new friends, or sit and quietly judge everyone while enjoying an iced coffee.


This is the real “walk of shame”: making your way through the student center with the lowest profile possible.

Student center: More specifically the café. This might seem an obvious choice, but if you’ve ever walked down the middle of the café you know what an actual judgment stare feels like. Plus, you can mostly read what everyone had to say about you on Yik Yak once the doors close behind you. The café has a lot of commotion all the time, between club meetings, the game room and sometimes, performances (that aren’t always planned). This is probably not the best place to go for an intense study session; however, this is a great place for people watching.

If you spend upwards of 10 hours a day playing some sort of video game, the student center is the place for you! The game room allows you to not feel as guilty for your procrastination, because is it really procrastinating if it’s being done at school? The game room in the student center offers pool, table tennis and air hockey tables, as well as a cyber lounge for you to build your messed-up idea of a Sims family. With surround sound throughout the entire room, you and your friends can vote on who gets to control “the aux.”

Gym: Whether you’re already a fitness guru that posts novels on Instagram or the one who furiously eats tacos while reading them, the gym on the Gainesville campus is welcome to everyone. Avoid that freshman 15 (or 30) by working on that hot summer bod you’ve been wanting.

Bathrooms: I know you might be thinking “WTF?” But honestly, how many times have you been able to think clearly within the privacy of your bathroom stall? As long as you don’t lack bathroom etiquette, the bathrooms of UNG will be your place of meditation throughout your time here.

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