Two UNG clubs students may be missing out on

Though some would say college is largely about the academics, a monumental part of experiencing college life is getting plugged in and involved outside the classroom. While UNG offers countless clubs, organizations and extracurricular activities, North Georgia Serves and the Gay-Straight Alliance on the Dahlonega campus are two organizations that may not be as well-known, but are certainly worth checking out.

For students looking to give back to the community, North Georgia Serves may be the perfect fit. The organization is student-run and started in 2012. Its purpose is to promote a positive relationship between UNG students and the surrounding community by providing students with opportunities to serve those both on- and off-campus.

Alex Hartwig, president of North Georgia Serves, fell in love with the club shortly after starting her freshman year at UNG.

North Georgia Serves consists of 20 members, but is hoping to increase its numbers this year. As Hartwig said, “We are a club that is here for your benefit and we have a lot of great opportunities and events planned.”

Unlike many clubs, North Georgia Serves encourages students to get involved, even if they can’t make it to meetings. “Joining our club requires a little time commitment, but has the opportunity to reap a big reward. We really are here to help you find how you want to give back” Hartwig assured.

Meetings for North Georgia Serves are held on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 5 p.m. in Young 115. To find additional information about UNG Serves and upcoming events, simply follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Pride Flag at the Jerusalem Pride 2012 parade. (Photo by Neil Ward)

For UNG students who are looking for a place to fit in and to be accepted for who they are, look no further than  The Gay-Straight Alliance. The club is a place for LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ students to gather, communicate and learn to understand shared struggles.

Kelly Jordan, president of the Dahlonega branch of GSA, said her “favorite thing about [the] group is how excited everyone is to be themselves.” GSA is a safe haven of sorts here on UNG’s campus. People are able to come together, share experiences and learn about one another in a safe environment, devoid of the embarrassment and discomfort that may be felt in other social situations.

“Students should be excited that there’s a place on campus that won’t judge them for however they look or identify,” said Jordan. Regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race or ethnicity, GSA welcomes everybody. “We love input from people who come from many different walks of life,” Jordan said.

GSA meets Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in Young 203 and consists of about 30-60 members. An additional 150-plus members follow GSA on its Orgsync page.

“Our club wants everyone to see how great understanding one another can be and everyone is welcome to our meetings,” Jordan said.

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