UNG student starts business selling hand-painted coffee mugs

University of North Georgia student and entrepreneur Molly Majewski has recently started Molly’s Mugs, a business selling hand-painted coffee mugs. Majewski sells her mugs at the vendor booths she sets up at local arts and crafts festivals.

Three hand-painted mugs – Molly’s Mugs

Majewski says she got the idea to start a business selling mugs after attending a mug-decorating party where attendees drew on mugs with permanent markers. Unfortunately, the permanent marker washed off the mugs, leaving Majewski disappointed. She did some research and discovered the process she currently uses.

UNG student Molly Majewski with her hand-painted mugs.

Majewski purchases the porcelain mugs, then decorates them with oil paints and applies Mod Podge before baking the mugs to set the artwork. “I find quotes and different designs,” Majewski said. “I’ll just combine little things that I see or flowers with quotes.”

“I just liked it, so I started doing farmers markets that following summer and I did pretty well, so I applied for Gold Rush last year and then the Yellow Daisy Festival this year,” Majewski said. “This is a great way to make extra money for school, and it’s fun!”

Molly’s Mugs

Typically, Majewski uses word-of-mouth to get business, but she plans to set up an Etsy shop to sell her leftover inventory after the Gold Rush Days Festival in Dahlonega.

Despite a busy schedule with nursing school and work, Majewski said she has enjoyed running the business on the side. Being a college student at UNG has taught Majewski people skills, which have helped her sell more mugs.

“I would say it’s a little stressful, but it’s rewarding and nice to see something that you’ve made be well-accepted,” she said.

At events, Majewski sells mugs for $12 each or two for $20. She will have a vendor booth at the Georgia Marble Festival on Oct. 7 and 8, and the Gold Rush Days Festival on Oct. 21 and 22.

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