’80s throwback art divides “sheep from ram”

The Roy C. Moore Art Gallery hosted  “Six Uncut Keys to a Paint Store: Recent Work by Michael Dwyer” from Oct. 4 to November 1.

“There is a divide in abstract art; the sheep go with the simple answer and walk away satisfied with what they got out of the art,” Samuel Soto, a student curator at the Roy C. Moore Art Gallery, said. “The ram will take a little more time with the art and wait for a definitive answer.”

“This is one of these works of art that divide people,” Soto said. “[It] divides the people who actually came for the art and the ones who just came to see a pretty picture with bright colors.”

“When I first saw the artwork, I thought of a throwback to the 80’s,” Soto said. “It reminded me of the television show, Saved By The Bell, because of the background… and the specific use of space.”

“These pieces of art are meant to be mosaics,” Soto said. “A mosaic is something that is usually placed on the wall, it is meant to be a part of its surroundings and it is meant to be something that is simply viewed.”

“The artwork is placed on white walls. … [so] the art will stand by itself,” Soto said. “It is meant to be interpreted based on its environment.”

“It kind of reminds me of snakes in the jungle, it’s meant to blend in with its environment,” Soto said. “It’s supposed to be part of the elements.”

“These pieces of art are supposed to have their own interpretations based on the audience’s initial view of the art,” Soto said. “That is why my interpretation of the artwork is a little more playful because that is usually how I think.”

For information about the Roy C. Moore Art Gallery, visit UNG Gainesville Campus Art Exhibits.


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