Fashion show spotlights traditional and modern Asian garb

On Nov. 9, the Asian Student Association (ASA) hosted an Asian fashion show on the student center stage of the Gainesville campus. The show featured clothing from cultures such as Japanese, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Hmong and Laotian.

“We wanted to educate others on Asian culture and we thought this would be a good way to do that,” ASA president Jada Foster said.

The show was a hit among students, whether they stumbled across it while eating lunch or whether they had heard about it and had come to watch it.

“Being of Asian heritage, it’s refreshing to see your culture properly represented and to see others invested in understanding and explaining the origins of the traditional clothing,” ASA member Isabel Lin said. “The fashion show was a perfect blend between entertaining and informative.”

All photos by Jordon Tullis

This Japanese garment is a kimono, which is typically worn with a sash around the body. Jada Foster’s kimono, above, has a back pillow, though some kimonos do not.

Daniel Lee rocks an outfit called a shalwar kameez, the national dress of Pakistan.

Petey Yang, right, represents India in a Modi vest, recently popularized by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. This casual-formal look derives from the Nehru jacket. Gabriella Arrambide, left, wears a sari.

Taylor and Brittany Yancy represent the Hmong people. Taylor, left, wears a more modern style, while Brittany, right, wears traditional garb. Brittany’s garment is typically worn during weddings. This dress is hand-embroidered with a traditional symbol.

Kobe Buckley wears a common Hmong crop-top style. It’s typically worn during the new year’s festival and at weddings.

Stephanie Vang, the event’s host, and Jennifer Moua both represent Laos. Moua, right, wears a traditional garment known as sinh. The sinh is normally accessorized with a sash and embellished belt.

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