Fill your tank and your tummy: gas station eats

The Student Resource Center cafe at UNG’s Oconee campus is finally offering hot food. Too fancy for you? Try these gas-station alternatives.

Bread Basket (Chevron, 723 Boulevard, Athens)

This hole-in-the-wall Normaltown cafe is locally famous for its gigantic biscuits, made fresh daily. Demand for the Southern-style breakfast is so high that Bread Basket often runs out of dough before 10:30 a.m. If you miss out, don’t worry: Pull up a chair in the dining area and order a chicken-fried steak.

Hours: Breakfast starts at 5 a.m. Lunch/dinner is served from 10 a.m. until they run out (usually around 4 p.m.)
Cuisine: Southern comfort.
Atmosphere: Dated, but clean, with the aesthetic of a summer camp kitchen.
Seating: Booths and tables.
Crowd: Seems to be a regular hangout of older folk.
Standout item: The chicken biscuit.
Hotness: Very.
Quality: High, with good service. —William Wheeler

Golden Pantry (Shell, 1010 Mars Hill Road, Watkinsville)

If you’re looking for comfort food on-the-go, Golden Pantry will fill your Southern needs. From biscuits to chicken legs, you’ll find some country lovin’ food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Build your own meal with all the fixin’s, or pick from one of the meals on the menu.

Hours: 24 hours.
Cuisine: Southern comfort.
Atmosphere: Fairly clean, inside of store is older looking though.
Seating: Booths.
Crowd: A few customers were sitting in the booths.
Standout item: The sweet corn was amazing.
Worst item tasted: The mashed potatoes lacked flavor.
Hotness: The food was warm, did not taste old.
Quality: Better than fast food. —Sarah Daftarian

QT Kitchen (QT, 1240 Oconee Connector, Athens)

While hardly restaurant-quality, QT Kitchen presents a viable option for consumers looking for a quick bite to eat at a reasonable price. Get anything from pizza to croissants, flatbreads to taquitos, soft pretzels to breakfast burritos, and much more.

Hours: 24 hours.
Cuisine: Game day.
Atmosphere: Presentable.
Seating: None.
Crowd: A couple of unremarkable people waiting in line.
Standout item: Breakfast pizza.
Worst item tasted: “Steak” taquito.
Hotness: Warm.
Quality: Not bad … for a gas station. —Austin Dyer

Circle M (BP, 2051 Experiment Station Road, Watkinsville)

Do you like sporting-event food, but are turned off by the fun, positive, well-lit atmosphere of actual sporting events? Then this is the place for you!

Hours: 24 hours.
Cuisine: Circus and/or stadium.
Atmosphere: A birthday party where no one showed up, so Dad didn’t bother to grill the hot dogs and Mom gave up popping the popcorn after the first bag.
Seating: None.
Crowd: Lottery players.
Standout item: Popcorn in a cardboard box (you assemble it), by virtue of being the only thing available at time of visit.
Worst item tasted: The popcorn had been sitting out a little too long.
Hotness: Not cold.
Quality: Greasy, crunchy. —Jason Bray

Oconee Fast Mart (1961 Hog Mountain Road, Watkinsville)

Oconee Fast Mart is the ideal location for you and your peanut-loving friends. While it only serves peanuts of the boiled variety, there’s more on offer in the form of KENO! Fill out your card and who knows, maybe the next round of boiled peanuts will be on you!

Hours: 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Cuisine: Peanuts (boiled).
Atmosphere: KENO!
Seating: With two large picnic tables in the center of the store, you and a whole group can post up and play KENO! all day.
Crowd: 55 and older KENO! players.
Standout item: Peanuts.
Worst item tasted: Technically the peanuts?
Hotness: The peanuts are boiling.
Quality: Mushy. —Tanner Johnston

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