Conspiracy theories Crossfire debate goes to some uncomfortable places

The Political Science Student Association met for another Crossfire debate on Wednesday, Nov. 29 featuring a discussion on whether or not conspiracy theories are real or fake.

“As much as we joke about this, people do seriously believe these theories,” political science major Meredith Shea said.

From the assassination of John F. Kennedy to 9/11 to the earth being flat, students were ecstatic to share their thoughts on conspiracy “facts” as some said.

In response, Shea asked where conspiracy theories stem from, and if there’s a need for them in society today.

“From somebody that wants something to be true,” a cadet said. “You can find any evidence to support you claim.”

“Is there a difference between conspiracy theories and urban legends?” Political Science Professor Carl D. Cavalli asked.

Students gathered in Young Hall’s lobby to discuss conspiracy theories. (Photo by Carl Cavalli)

One student said the difference is that it is about who controls it. Urban legends are generally passed down through time, while conspiracy theories are made up to counteract an event.

A conspiracy theory that continued to come up, was that the United States moon landing was “faked.”

Some students claimed that the flag could not have been blowing, the shadows could not have been cast and questioned if the government had good enough technology at the time.

“I think if we didn’t have conspiracy theories, we’d have to take everything at face value,” a student said. “We’d be gullible, and believe everything we heard.”

The meeting ended with students laughing because one of them mentioned global warming.

“We all know global warming is a conspiracy theory… I, uh, can’t even say that with a straight face,” the student said.

Crossfire meets every Wednesday in the Young Hall lobby at 12 p.m.

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