UNG students form All-Sk8 Club on Dahlonega campus

The All-Sk8 Club, where students gather to skate on campus and various skate parks, has launched at the University of North Georgia.

Sophomore history education major John Martin Messamore started the Sk8 club on the Dahlonega campus and is currently the president.

John Martin Messamore performing a 360 Boneless. (Photo by Aidan Reilly)

“I love skating so I decided to combine my passion with the absence of a skate club and create All-Sk8,” Messamore said.

Messamore’s passion for skating started the summer before he started college.

“Me and my two best friends back home just picked it up one day and we fell in love with the challenging bodaciousness of it,” Messamore said. “I’ll never stop.”

The club talks through the messaging app Groupme, and recruits members mostly by word of mouth.

“We skate at Bay Creek, Settle’s Bridge, and Duncan Creek parks. I also skate everywhere on campus,” Messamore said. “Behind the library is the best for practicing flat ground tricks, smoothest pavement, no traffic to worry about.”

Officially, Sk8 Club has only met for one meeting, and several times at skate parks.

“[The first meeting] went pretty well in my opinion. There were more people than I anticipated, about 10 and we have over 15 now,” Messamore said.

We talk about what we’ve learned, where we like to skate, what we like to do,” Messamore said. “When a few of us get together we just skate, whether its on campus or at a park or someplace else. I learned to frontside 180 down a 3 stair because of Aiden [Reilly]. He also helped me learn to Hippie jump and pop shuv.”

SGA Parking Service Chairman Abigail Aldridge is currently working on a wheeled devices on campus policy on the Dahlonega campus involving location and safety measures, which affects where the All-Sk8 club is allowed to meet and skate. The policy is currently in review.

“The focus of this new policy is to reach a balance between safety and liberty of those who ride skateboards and anyone else on campus,” Aldridge said. “I am reaching out to fellow students about this policy, and am listening to what they think will work best for all. Since it applies to every one of us, we should all be informed and satisfied with the changes.”

For more information on how to join All-Sk8, contact Justin Martin Messamore by email.

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  1. I have heard about SK8 CLUB from many skateboarders, and I wish I could go there someday and ride my Quest Super Cruiser there.

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