Hinge says this UNG grad is one of Georgia’s top singles. She gave us dating tips

Maggie Dukes, UNG alumnus and former Vanguard contributor, is one of Georgia’s top 10 and America’s top 100 most eligible singles, according to dating app Hinge.

The 26-year-old, who was a Braves cheerleader, has two full-time jobs: mom and a LogoNation account manager. Despite her busy schedule, Dukes makes time to go out and meet people.

Whether you’re drowning in the dating game or floating comfortably with a life preserver in-hand, Dukes has five tips to help steer your love boat to shore.

1. Use dating apps.
I love Hinge. You get the most feel for someone’s personality because they have to answer questions and post videos. I really like Bumble, mainly because the girl has to talk to the guy first. The guy can’t harass the girl 900 times first. Tinder is entertaining.

2. Don’t stop believing.
I keep hoping I’ll meet someone at the grocery store.

3. Learn the art of the selfie.
You always have to hold the camera up and at an angle. Up just gives you the most flattering picture. And laugh when you smile, even if you have to fake laugh.

4. Don’t be afraid to chow down, and always count your straws.
Always eat on your date how you would actually eat, ‘cause if he can’t handle that, he is not the one. Also, limit yourself to two drinks on the first date. I learned the hard way on that one.

5. Don’t rush.
I called off my wedding two weeks beforehand because I didn’t take long enough to get to know him. When we’re young we feel like we have goals we need to accomplish and check marks that we need to check off and that’s not true. Just go slow. Don’t rush into engagements and weddings.

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