8 places to zone out — I mean study — in Dahlonega

Let’s be honest — does anybody really get a good charge out of studying? Some of us know the flashcards and the study sessions will reap benefits, but I personally have never experienced the rush of setting aside two hours a day to study. Luckily, Dahlonega is such a beautiful town and there are so many places that provide a quiet, solitude area for a college student to memorize their microbiology textbook. Here are eight places around Dahlonega that I find my best studying gets done.

Photos by Katie Rollins

Hoag Great Room

The Hoag Great Room, aka the “Harry Potter Room,” is on the second floor of the Hoag Student Center. A campus classic, there is a dry silence that sends the room into a calm serenity. Students can often be found sleeping on top of their textbooks or their notes due to how quiet the room gets.

“The aesthetics of the room, it’s nice and peaceful,” said Kasen Rainey, a freshman finance major.

The Reservoir

Is the weather great outside? Need to crank out some flashcards? Head to the Reservoir. They have stone tables that don’t provide too much comfort that would put you to sleep, but still a nice view with some kind of seaside breeze.

“It’s probably the ducks,” said Haley Schroeder and Catie Young, freshman nursing majors.

Lumpkin County Library

A hidden secret amongst University of North Georgia students, the Lumpkin County Library is the place to go when I need to study by myself. There’s never a chance of getting stuck in a 10-minute conversation with someone you barely know at the library. It’s located on 342 Courthouse Hill.

Balcony of Starbucks

Starbucks is already a popular study location among the students of UNG, but if a group can occupy the outside balcony, they’re staying until close. An area that fits around 10 to 12 people can feel just like an outdoor study room in the library. The downfall is that once the establishment closes, you have to leave and find somewhere else to play.

Conner Memorial Garden

Another one of Dahlonega’s hidden gems, Conner Memorial Garden was donated to the use of the city of Dahlonega on Dec. 19, 2010, in memory of Mary Lou Conner and her son Glenn Conner. The Garden is located just off of the square next to the Conner House. Conner Gardens is my favorite place to study in town. There’s never more than three people there on any occasion, and it consistently reminds me of a garden in Narnia. The fountain in the middle provides an atmosphere of contentment.

Yahoola Creek Park

Most people in Dahlonega have probably been to Yahoola to study or hang out, so there’s no way that it couldn’t be on a list of the best eight places. The difference in terrain lets you study all day and feel like you’ve been in four different places at once. This bench is particularly nice because the garden is right in front and the creek next to you.

Balcony of the Health and Natural Sciences Building  

The fourth floor balcony of HNS is debatably the most isolated place on campus. There’s one folding chair on a balcony, which could only fit two more chairs on it if someone tried to make it work. It’s a good place if you have to read a book in a short period of time. If you get as easily distracted as I do while reading novels or textbooks, the HNS balcony is where you should be headed.

My Roof

Find a place that you can make your own. Having a place around town that only you know about and only you can study at might end up being the best place to get work done quickly. In my ranch-style house, it’s just a small ladder up to the roof. There’s such a great view from of the foothills. It’s such a great place to study because it still feels like you’re at home and with your friends, just in isolation for a couple minutes.

Where’s your favorite place to study? Are you a library person? A coffee house in town you love? Contact the Vanguard on our social media accounts and let us know! 

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