New mindset inspires new album for UNG Gainesville student

Cameron Portwood, singer and UNG freshman, released his album, “Clarity,” on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play on March 6.

Portwood has been recording his own music for six years. This album was made in his home studio, where he spent the last year writing, recording, and editing each song.

“I had it sent to a professional producer and he mastered it,” Portwood said.

“Clarity,” an eight-song album produced by UNG Gainesville student Cameron Portwood, was released on Mar. 2

Portwood has made his own music in the past but had a stroke of inspiration with his latest project.

“Previous to this past year, I had some dark times,” Portwood said. “I met my girlfriend and came back to my religion. The two of those combined helped my life get better and that’s the main inspiration [for the album].”

As a result, his faith is reflected in some of his music.

“There are two songs that are Christian-influenced. One is ‘Save Us,’ and the other is ‘Found Me,’” Portwood said.

However, Portwood said he had another in mind when asked about his favorite song from “Clarity.”

“I really like ‘Something Great.’ It has this big feel and a lot going on in it,” he said.

Portwood said he is excited to plan small shows to promote the new album for now.

“I’m pretty proud of this one,” Portwood said.

Portwood has discovered balancing time, effort, money and talent is the recipe for success for future projects.

“I don’t know when, but I’ll probably start working on another project. Usually, it starts off with just a couple singles and then it’ll turn it into an album when I figure out how to make it all go together,” Portwood said.

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  • Cheryl

    This is a great album! Give it a listen!!

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