Career Services chooses Handshake as UNG’s new job board

The University of North Georgia Career Services now uses Handshake, an online employment platform, as its primary job board system. Handshake was implemented in February.

Career Services specialist Lori Cleymans said that, compared to the previous job board, Handshake is more user-friendly.

Using Handshake, students can upload their resumes to auto-fill a large portion of their profiles, as well as other documents and presentations that showcase their work. Students can also add their LinkedIn profiles to their Handshake accounts.

When searching for jobs, Handshake immediately shows whether students are qualified for the job based on their majors, GPAs and graduation dates.

Search filters are available to narrow results by location and types of jobs.

Students can search for full-time, part-time, on-campus, co-op, work-study, and paid vs. unpaid internships.

“Students can choose to ‘Favorite’ a job, and receive an alert to apply so they don’t miss a deadline, and the system helps you keep track of which jobs you have applied for on Handshake,” Cleymans said.

According to Diane Farrell, director of Career Services, students have access to over 2,700 approved employers, and can receive information on over 100,000 employers.

All UNG students already have accounts on Handshake. The only thing that students need to do is complete their profiles.

Handshake is used by hundreds of universities, including the University of Georgia and Kennesaw State University.

Handshake was chosen as UNG’s new job board system due to its versatile nature.

“The more active [students] are on the Handshake site, the better information they’ll see on their landing pages — they’ll find internships and jobs that specifically fit their interests, kind of like Amazon or Hulu does for them,” Farrell said.

The Vanguard spoke to 10 students about their experiences with Handshake, and while it made a generally positive impression, they noticed a few issues.

Two students noted that it is difficult to pinpoint jobs by their location.

When Dahlonega is filtered into the search, results for jobs in other cities pop up. This is confusing to students searching for jobs in Dahlonega, but are given search results for other cities.

“Handshake showed me more job options than I ever would have found if I had just been looking for jobs by myself,” said Brad Dileonardo, a freshman at UNG’s Cumming campus and a computer science major. “Although, it showed me a few job results in New York, but that may be because I selected New York as a favorite city on my profile.”

Marshall Gaines, a business marketing major and sophomore on the Dahlonega campus used the website and had only good things to say about it.

“The website is built really well and is super-easy to use,” Gaines said.

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