UNG Theatre Guild’s “Moon Over Buffalo” was quite the production

There were laughs and love in the air as the UNG Theatre Guild completed its performance of “Moon Over Buffalo,” on Saturday, April 21.

The play is about the married, struggling actors George and Charlotte Hay. George learns that his rival for a big time Hollywood movie has broken his leg after falling on the set during a performance. The movie’s producer is looking for a replacement, and has decided to come watch George’s next performance, which happens to be that day’s matinee.

The “Moon Over Buffalo” cast, at curtain call. (Photo courtesy Theatre Guild)

However, George has been drinking all day because Charlotte found out he had an affair with their co-star, culminating in a pregnancy. Craziness follows, resulting in a man being tied up and thrown into a dressing room closet.

Rachel Rockas, a junior business management major, played George and senior Spanish major McKenna Rogness played Charlotte, George’s wife. Rockas also made her directorial debut with the show.

“There are so many different aspects and details that go in to putting on a production, especially when you have very little resources to begin with,” Rockas said. “Just keeping track and making sure everything gets done when it needed to be was a challenge.

Auditions for “Moon Over Buffalo” began in January, and then rehearsal started every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night, Rockas said.

The entire two-act show required only one set and the eight actors were the ones who were out moving set pieces out whenever the curtain closed.

The UNG Theatre Guild isn’t an official theater production team with directors and acting coaches. It’s a club that meets every week and is completely student-led. None of the students are studying for a major in theater. They wish to perform because they love to perform. These students are using their free time to learn their lines and make the show enjoyable for the viewers.

“Many of the cast members had little to no theater experience, so it was great to see everyone grow and work so hard together throughout the production,” Rockas said.

Destanie Chilli is the president of the Guild and has been since the Spring of 2017.

“The best part about being part of this group is how close everyone gets,” Chilli said.

Since the club only does one show a year, it does experience some difficulties finding the right advertisements to get people to come see their shows.

“Another thing I’d change was just the amount of people that came to see the show,” Rockas said. “We tried to advertise as much as we could and I know people are busy this time of semester, but that’s one thing the Guild has always struggled with is awareness of our existence on campus.”

At their bows, the cast exhaled and shared laughs with one another.

“Theater is so much fun,” Rockas said. “After rehearsing with a group of people so much, you grow into a family and it’s great to have met so many wonderful friends from these productions.”

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