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Parking lot on the Martha T. Nesbitt parking deck

UNG Parking Frustrates Students

Eli Hogan March 21, 2023

Imagine, you're arriving at University of North Georgia Gainesville campus in the morning, driving around the parking lots trying to find a spot. You look at the time and your class is about to start in...

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Finding Your Definition of Success in a Society of Degrees

Gracie Greenich March 12, 2023

You don't need a degree to be successful in life. At least that's what an Instagram poll of 77 people says. A full 99% voted "no" and one "yes" to whether or not you need a degree to lead a successful...

Do You Need Sleep to be Successful?

Do You Need Sleep to be Successful?

Gracie Greenich March 9, 2023

The graph shows 71.1% of students get 5-7 hrs of sleep on average.  From academics to social activities, hobbies and relationships, sleep is a key factor in how well students function. Solange Pipon,...

Black History Month Keynote Speaker Falls Short

Sami Mohammed March 9, 2023

  During February, the University of North Georgia invited students to observe and participate in a series of events honoring Black history, the last of which was a lecture featuring motivational...

UNG Searches for a New President

UNG Searches for a New President

Rebecca Ansley March 7, 2023

The University of North Georgia is searching for a new president since their current president, Bonita Jacobs, is resigning her position in June.   On Dec. 20, the Board of Regents of the University...

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Bed, Bath, and Beyond Closing Stores Nationally

Devin Kupka March 7, 2023

Bed, Bath & Beyond announced back in September that the company would be closing an upwards of 400 stores. The company revealed last month which stores would be closing, including the one located in...

Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls

Mackenzie Anderson March 2, 2023


Changing for the Better: When it Comes to Picking a Major, Your First Choice Isnt Always the Best Choice

Changing for the Better: When it Comes to Picking a Major, Your First Choice Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Ashlee Engel February 28, 2023

Some college students change their majors because their interest shifts to other career topics and they often modify their study goals. Some feel the importance of career stability and starting salaries...

Financial Aid: What Is Left In The Dark

Financial Aid: What Is Left In The Dark

Olivia Prevette February 28, 2023

One source students use for financial aid is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. According to the Student Aid website, FAFSA is used to determine how much financial aid you can receive from the...

Lumpkin County Food Bank Offers Alternative to Food Waste

Lumpkin County Food Bank Offers Alternative to Food Waste

Ari Wheeler February 28, 2023

Food service employees in Dahlonega say that food waste is an issue at restaurants in Dahlonega’s town square, but Georgia Mountain Food Bank has offered an alternative to throwing out food.  A server...

Good News in Gainesville

Good News in Gainesville

Megan Nelson February 28, 2023

Good News at Noon is a non-profit organization located on the corner of Dorsey Street and Pearl Nix Parkway in downtown Gainesville. They aim to help and rehabilitate people who are facing homelessness...

Photo by Ashlee.

One UNG: Commuting Across Campuses

Ashlee Engel February 27, 2023

Clark Leonard, the Assistant Director of the News and Communications Division of University Relations, says there are a total of 14,328 commuter students at the University of North Georgia. Blue Ridge...

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