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Parking lot on the Martha T. Nesbitt parking deck

UNG Parking Frustrates Students

Eli Hogan March 21, 2023

Imagine, you're arriving at University of North Georgia Gainesville campus in the morning, driving around the parking lots trying to find a spot. You look at the time and your class is about to start in...

What To Do About Dying

What To Do About Dying

Megan Nelson March 21, 2023

There are a few universal truths that connect all of us, one of which is the fact that we will all one day die. Confronting the idea of death is uncomfortable for most people, to say the least. In life,...

Black History Month Keynote Speaker Falls Short

Sami Mohammed March 9, 2023

  During February, the University of North Georgia invited students to observe and participate in a series of events honoring Black history, the last of which was a lecture featuring motivational...

Remove the Core From Corecore

Remove the Core From Corecore

Eli Hogan February 21, 2023

In the last few months, Tik Tok and Instagram have seen a surge of new content under the term, Corecore. At its base, it is the over-romanticization of a single idea or topic. The most popular topics surrounding...

Photo by Adriana Hernandez.

The Lonely Reality of College

Adriana Hernandez February 16, 2023

Life is an endless transition from one stage to the next. The transitions make people step out of their comfort zone and face the fear of vulnerability in a new environment.  College is another stage...

photo by megan nelson

Valentine’s Day

Megan Nelson February 2, 2023

Critics accuse Valentine’s Day of being a “Hallmark Holiday” intended to serve a capitalist market but those who turn their noses up at Cupid’s bow might be missing a much bigger mark. Feb....

Ye Goes Too Far

Ye Goes Too Far

Stephanie Obediku December 8, 2022

Kanye West, also known as "Ye," has officially gone too far with his outlandish commentary on various religious and ethnic groups, enough to get his net worth slashed in half due to different brands relinquishing...

Dating 101: Watch Out For Red Flags

Dating 101: Watch Out For Red Flags

Trinity Cromwell October 25, 2022

Trying to find “the one” in the 21st century has deemed itself to be more difficult as the years pass by. With dating trends changing daily, it’s hard to figure out whether you should go back to...

Photo by Mason Pearson

Are Vapes Being Used to Stop Cigarettes or Start Them?

Mason Pearson October 6, 2022

In previous years smoking cigarettes was the common entry into using electronic nicotine devices. However, in 2022 these roles might have reversed themselves. Recently students have reported that many...

Spook-History: The Origins of Halloween

Spook-History: The Origins of Halloween

Maria Jaiyeola October 4, 2022

What started as an ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain has now grown into what we know as Halloween. This festival was a part of a pagan religious festival where those that participated believed that barriers...

Trust Park Photo by Evan Keimig

Georgia Sports on My Mind

Owen Langford October 4, 2022

  Georgia sports has brought nothing but pain and suffering to its fans over the last 30 years. Before last year, the state's most recent title came in 1995 courtesy of the Atlanta Braves.This precedent...

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