Students Already Have Plans For The Two-Day Spring Break


Students are preparing for the shortened spring break, only the first two days of April. Photo by Alex Henry

Due to safety concerns regarding Covid-19, the University of North Georgia has decided to change its normal schedule for spring break. Instead of having a full week off as the school does during normal circumstances, UNG has instead reduced the length of spring break for the first two days of April. 


The intention behind the shortening of the spring break is to prevent students from traveling, contracting Covid-19 while on vacation, and then bringing the virus back to the school. Be that as it may, the first two days of April scheduled for spring break still leaves a window of time for potential vacation plans. 


Students already have a wide variety of plans for spring break. Cooper Huau, freshman communications major, plans to go home and visit family during the break. “I’m not quite sure yet, but I’m planning to go home and see my parents and family. That’s what I wanna do during the two days we get off”, said Huau. 


Some students are planning to stay on campus and work over the break. Emma Carter, sophomore biology major, has this plan in mind, stating that “I really don’t have any trips or anything planned for spring break so I’ll probably just stay up here working, which is fine with me”. 


Some students are still planning vacations during the two-day break, including Jimmy Ledford, junior computer science major. Ledford even plans to take the rest of the week for a road trip to Florida, explaining that fFor spring break, I’m missing classes literally the whole week. I’m going to Orange Beach, Florida to go deep sea fishing. My sister has a volleyball tournament, so that’s the main reason I’m going.” 


Despite the fact that spring break has been shortened to only the first two days of April due to safety concerns regarding Covid-19, students have already started working around this break reduction and come up with various ideas on how they plan to spend spring break. Some simply plan to stay on campus and work, some may go home and visit friends and family, and some may even take time off of the rest of the first week of April to go on actual vacations.