Attention Hikers and Trail Seekers: This Might be the Shoe for You


Nike is officially settling into the world of trail running shoes as they released the Pegasus Trail 3. Riding the success of the previous two models, the third model adds innovation and more comfort. 

Pegasus is one of the longest consecutive lines of running shoes that the company has created. Nike now looks to make it’s name in the market of trail running shoes. Nike’s trail running shoe will be a direct competitor to popular trail shoes from companies such as Salomon, VJ Shoes, and Hoka.

I wore the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 for the Bonefrog Challenge obstacle course race on Sept. 11. The race consisted of 30 obstacles over 6 miles.

One aspect of the shoes I noticed right away is that they are very supportive. They felt as if I had extra spring in my step wearing these shoes during the race. With other trail running shoes I have worn in the past, I could feel every root and rock I ran on, but with the thick sole of the Pegasus Trail 3 this wasn’t an issue.

Photo by Cannon Crompton

I also really like the look of the shoe. The shoe is similar in looks to their Pegasus 38 running shoe. There are a few small differences, such as the loops on the back of the shoe are easy on and off, the Nike Trail logo on the inward part of the shoe, and more thread on the bottom for better gripping rugged terrain. 

During the race, I had no trouble with getting good traction on the trail or on the obstacles. Good traction is important for trail running shoes so that they can grip the undulating ground. Having good traction is also important in obstacle course racing so that the shoes can get good grip and prevent slipping on the obstacles. 

After the race, the shoes were in perfect condition and looked just as new after wiping them off. Durability is important for trail running shoes since they take on more damage from rigid trails. 

These shoes also make for good hiking shoes. If you are looking for a lightweight, low-profile shoe with good grip for hiking, then these are perfect. I have done some hiking in these and they work well. The only issue when using these for hiking is lack of ankle support. 

Photo by Cannon Crompton

In conclusion, I like the overall look and feel of the shoe. They are good for trail running, obstacle course racing, and hiking. If you are looking for shoes that are light, supportive, and great grip, then these are the trail running shoes for you.