Tattoo You: New Body Art Shop Open in Dahlonega


Holy Mountain Tattoo just finished its first three months being open and is looking forward to the future of the shop. Holy Mountain Tattoo is owned and run by Brian Snape, Derrick “Lil’D” Vickery and Sergio Lindop. The shop also features two other artists, Barbara Spence and Josh Lyner. After spending many years tattooing in Atlanta at Timeless Tattoo, Snape, Lindop and Vickery decided to open their own shop in Dahlonega for its beautiful landscape and “more wholesome clientele,” says Vickery. The three scouted for a place to plant their feet for three years before they discovered their new location.

“Just the act of signing it to me was kind of a big moment as it was happening, and then it happened fast,” says Lindop. In the 100 days from signing the lease to the opening of Holy Mountain Tattoo, the three partners completely renovated the interior of the building and transformed it to a sanitary and professional tattoo establishment. “I think the shop is going to be a mainstay of Dahlonega,” says Lindop.

“With us we were all on the same page, same goal, and it just kind of goes to show what three like minded individuals can accomplish in a short amount of time when they’re focused on the same end result and doing it for ourselves instead of for somebody else for a change. It’s a good feeling,” says Lindop.  “The whole time we were building it we kind of had this motto ‘stop renting your life.’” which hit close to home with not just them but their families as well.

If interested in turning your tattoo dreams into reality, each artist can be found on the Holy Mountain Tattoo website or Instagram. They are located at 340 Walmart Way Suite A, Dahlonega, GA 30533. It is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Snape, Lindop and Vickery together share over 70 years of experience and can tattoo a wide variety of different styles.