Yoga Flow and Where it Can Go


Photo by Luke Rowe

Photo by Luke Rowe

If you are looking for a fun, relaxing way to start your day, Canopy and the Roots has you covered with yoga classes alongside your morning coffee.

The café offers a high energy class to get you moving and increase your heart rate. There is a yin and meditation class and several other classes for all skill levels.

For one teacher at Canopy and the Roots, Alexandria Pettit, yoga did not stop when she walked out those doors. Yoga has taken her to Massachusetts, and next, she’s headed to Costa Rica.

Photo by Luke Rowe

While in Costa Rica, Pettit and a few others are creating a healing place that will have massage therapists, reiki healers and all types of holistic medicine. They will be providing a different type of healing than most western traditions. Pettit said, “This approach more looks at the lifestyle of the person rather than just giving out a prescription.”

Canopy and the Roots holds yoga classes five days a week in a room adjacent to the coffee shop. Classes cost $12 for guests and only $8 for members.