5 Dogs That are Perfect for a College Student

There are a few ideal traits you want to look for in a dog when going to college.

First, you want a dog that is trainable. Having a dog that is fast to learn house training and other commands like sitting on command, walking on a leash and certain commands that will get them to stop barking will be key.

The next important trait is sociability. Chances are, if you own a dog on a college campus, you are going to be walking the dog frequently. If your dog runs and barks every time it sees another dog or person, life is going to be a lot more frustrating than you want it to be.


1) The Golden Retriever.

Photo by Sydney Smith
Photo by Sydney Smith

A golden retriever is both trainable and sociable. These dogs are a great companion to have in a college life because, while they can get energetic, they are also content to lay on the couch and cuddle.


2) The Poodle

Photo by Joy Smith

Poodles come in a lot of different sizes so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your lifestyle. These dogs are highly intelligent, making them easy to train. They have an easy-going nature that makes them popular in big social gatherings. Best of all, poodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed much.


3) The Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are a small breed of dog that has a big personality. These little dogs don’t require as much exercise as their working dog counterparts, though they are still more high-energy than other small breeds. They are easily trained and often food motivated.


4) The Labrador Retriever

Photo by Sydney Smith

According to the American Kennel Club, Labs are the most popular breed in America. They are easily trainable, highly loyal, and very out-going dogs. These dogs absolutely love water, making them perfect for any lake trip. They are highly energetic dogs, so they’ll need a lot of exercise.


5) The Mutts

Photo by Sydney Smith
Photo by Sydney Smith

The last on this list isn’t any specific breed of dog. Mutts are a mix of dog breeds, and they often take the best qualities of all the dogs. Most dogs in shelters and rescue groups are mixed breeds. These dogs all need good homes and are often even more eager to love a person than a dog from a breeder. With a rescue group, you can talk with the foster families and learn about the dogs’ habit and their level of training. That lets you look for the traits I’ve mentioned here as well as traits specific to your lifestyle.

There are plenty of rescue groups based in Georgia. The one I belong to and have worked with for years is called Angels Among Us. Another simple way to find a potential pet is the website Petfinder. The site has hundreds of entries of dogs and cats that need homes. You can search for specific breeds, colors, behaviors, age and various other variables to find the perfect pet. Local shelters are also great because you can meet the dogs in person and rescue them yourself.