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Can Crystals Heal You?


Natural healing and holistic medicine are becoming popular alternatives to western practices where individuals heal their mind, body, and soul. People seek holistic approaches for many reasons, such as preventing diseases, boosting energy, and providing relief from any pain or discomfort. 

The practices have found their way into mainstream media through herbs, energy therapy, and crystals. Crystals are currently sought after for their versatility and meaning. Specific crystals are dedicated to certain problems; for example, if you want to find love, you can purchase rose quartz, considered the love crystal that helps promote trust and harmony. 

A basic overview of popular crystals and some of their powers according to Healthline 

  • Clear Quartz– Cleanses your mind, body, and soul and amplify the body’s energy by “storing, releasing, and regulating it”  
  • Jasper- Protects you from negative energy and inspires confidence and courage
  • Obsidian- Shields you against physical and emotional negativity
  • Citrine– Brings joy and wonder
  • Tigers Eye– Helps harmonize the body and get rid of fear and anxiety
  • Amethyst– Inspires sincerity and wisdom 
  • Moonstone– Encourages inner growth and strength
  • Bloodstone– Cleanses the blood by drawing out negative energies circulating 
  • Sapphire– Attracts prosperity and happiness 
  • Ruby- Increases vitality and energy levels 

As people seek to heal themselves through crystals, the business has become a billion-dollar industry. The demand is so high that the amount of crystals exported has doubled since 2014. According to Reporter Tessa McClure, these are only raw stones that are transported, not any jewelry or decorations. A country with high amounts of crystals is Madagascar; McClure demonstrates how they are booming with rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine. 

Madagascar is becoming an essential contributor to the crystal craze, so mining crystals is widespread across the country. However, companies are not providing proper equipment for workers, putting them in hazardous conditions. 

According to the World Bank, 75 % of people who live in Madagascar only live on $1.90 per day, making it one of the poorest countries in the world, so they are willing to risk their lives to make a small profit. 

Landslides will often occur and kill workers by trapping them in the mines and ending their life slowly because workers can’t pull them out. Since this is a new business, regulations are not heavily enforced or are very relaxed, allowing companies to get away with unethical practices. 

Workers are not the only one being harmed because as crystals are extracted from the earth’s surface, the world is being damaged from continuous mining. The New Republic (TNR) states that crystals are extracted from large-scale industry mines with poor environmental regulations. 

A study conducted by the University of Basel breaks down some environmental factors associated with mining: 

  • Impact on Water = Can cause contamination of rivers, lakes, and groundwater because of the release of chemicals from acid and rubbish. Land becomes contaminated because of the water that is used for agriculture. 
  • Impact on Soil = Causes erosion and instability and can lead to landslides. It can be caused by exploding the mines and running water through them. Long Term Effects- Flooding patterns are altered, and water can not reach its final detestation. 
  • Impact on Air = Dust is increased in the area and it can cause deforestation and lead to a problem in replanting trees. 
  • Impact on Landscape = Changes the natural landscape of the land. 

A list of countries and their profit of exporting quartz according to the World Atlas of the Quartz in 2015 to the U.S: 

1. China making $72,289,000

2. Turkey making $68,161,000

3. India making $43,827,000

4.  Spain making $27,107,00

5. Brazil making $26,611,000

Are crystals really effective? According to geologist Anthony Love, “crystals are crystalline forms of minerals; some choose to believe that certain minerals have healing or calming effects; there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Most of these claims are based on personal belief similar to faith in religion.” 

However, science does not stop people from believing in a vast amount of things, including crystals. Brad Waters, a crystal newbie, explains how he “personally seems to be in a better mood.”

 “When I got the tigers eye bracelet, I felt a real connection with it, and the bracelet has helped sooth my stress” – Brad Waters 

 Experiencing the “power of crystals” is a personal journey, whether you believe or not. Some people seek out extra healing and find joy in alternative forms of cleansing their mind. If you are interested in exploring the world of crystals, you can visit a local store called Stone Age Natural Rocks and Crystals in the Mall of Georgia. 

If crystals are your way of healing, remember to cleanse them every couple of months because they pick up the energy from the outside world and yourself. A simple solution to cleanse a crystal is to lay it outside on a full moon allowing the negative energy to be removed. You could also light sage or add fresh lavender to your crystal. The only person who can decide what crystal will work best is you.  

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Can Crystals Heal You?