This Friday’s 1970s Themed Bouldering Bash is an Opportunity for Students to Meet and Climb Together


The monthly University of North Georgia Bouldering Bash will take place on Friday, Feb. 4 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Recreation Center. The theme will be from the 1970s with staff members dressed in fashion from the 1970s and groovy music as students work to improve their climbing skills.


Any student can attend for free and begin climbing the rock wall which stretches above both floors of the complex or the bouldering wall next to it. Pizza will be served and those who sign up will be entered in a raffle with the possibility to win a prize. This is all in part of UNG’s dedication to help introduce outdoor activities to students who normally wouldn’t be able to have such access to them via the university’s Outdoor Pursuits program.

Jenson Hess UNG senior biology major and is a member of the UNG Outdoor Pursuits program. He grew up in Alaska which helped develop his love for the outdoors and frequently enjoys climbing such as participating in Bouldering Bashes.

“Not only do I love the outdoors, but I love showing people the outdoors and teaching people how to coexist in nature without destroying it,” Hess says.

He views the bouldering and climbing course as a great way of introducing students to the sport he loves as well as meeting other people who share a common interest in climbing.

Those who miss out on Friday’s Bouldering Bash will have another chance to make the following Bouldering Bash near the end of the month with the theme of a cosmic climb. There will be UV lights, light up tape and a darker environment to add a space theme to the area.