Sunday Night Showdown and What We Will be Watching Next


Students at the University of North Georgia shared which television shows they opt to watch on their last night of the weekend. The two Sunday night shows were narrowed to “Euphoria” and “Demon Slayer.” Once these shows are over, the concern becomes deciding what to do with an open Sunday night.

GroupMe poll conducted by Ashley Brehm

According to Rotten Tomatoes, “Euphoria” is the fourth most popular show airing right now. Madison Difilippo, a freshman kinesiology major, is currently watching the show. Difilippo says, “After Euphoria ends, I’ll probably watch ‘Criminal Minds’ with my girlfriend, or ‘Riverdale,’ but I haven’t watched the new season yet.”

Mackenzie Morgan, a sophomore psychology major, was watching “Demon Slayer” but the season recently ended. She says “Demon Slayer” is one of her favorite shows on air and can’t wait to “Drop all of her other shows once the next season airs.” She has moved on to watching shows, “that have been sitting in my watchlist for ages.”

Connor West, a freshman math education major, is currently watching “Euphoria.” He said, “I really like the plot and the characters, but I’ll be watching any show that’s interesting to me once it’s over.”

Mattie Massie, a freshman early education major, said, “I probably won’t be watching anymore shows because it takes up a lot of time and I have homework.”

In a poll sent over GroupMe, almost half of the students who answered the poll said “Euphoria” was their Sunday night go-to.

Grey Smith, a sophomore psychology major, doesn’t watch any of the shows mentioned. Grey said, “the last show I remember watching on a Sunday Night was Monsters at Work.”

Once Sunday nights are free from the grasp of new TV show episodes, these students will go back to watching either re-runs or setting the time aside to do schoolwork. The loss of “Euphoria” day is an issue for some, but others are looking forward to budgeting their time to different options.