Sweetwater Bar and Grill Hosts Punk Show


You know you’re at a punk show when the bassist vomits on stage and doesn’t miss a single note. From folk punk to ska, the night had it all. 

Thursday Feb. 12, the Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Duluth, Georgia hosted a split release show with six punk bands. Among them were Jonny Terror and Run Rabbit Run from Cincinnati, Ohio, along with Public Serpents from Middletown, New Jersey who started their Live Laugh Love tour here with three other local bands for a night of loud and gnarly music.

Photo by Sarah Cochran

The music venue was a separate room attached to the main bar that had a small stage, sound board and bar for attendants. Each band also had tables selling merch and slinging shirts. 

Atlanta local Quill Hancock says, “I thought the show was great, a good mix of genres and a nice rejuvenation for folk punk in Georgia.”

Jonny Terror opened for the night followed by local band The Lone Deaf Pig-Dog. Run Rabbit Run was next with female lead Abby Finch. American ska punk band Public Serpents followed with front man Skwert Gunn, who is also the drummer for the popular punk band Choking Victim. 

Photo by Sarah Cochran

During their set, the bassist Heavy Metal Chris began to feel unwell and was unable to keep the contents in his stomach. However, this didn’t stop him from continuing the show and getting right back up after with full energy. 

Female fronted band Triangle Fire from Athens, Georgia performed second to last and also announced the release of new music for the first time in about ten years. This hardcore punk band got the crowd moving and moshing, and the speakers were on full blast for their set. 

Last to play was Sweetwater Bar and Grill employee band The Supersonic Cocksuckers. Most of their songs were only about 30 seconds in length, but they kept the punk rock energy going as patrons began to see their way out.