Male Birth Control Coming to Life



Photo by Jeheziel Dukes

Women have been dealing with birth control for decades, now men can shoulder the burden. Women must face the life-threatening possibility of pregnancy, but that is something men cannot substitute. There are currently clinical studies for three forms of male birth control around the globe according to the American Chemical Society. Condoms and vasectomies used to be the only forms of male birth control. Now, men have the options of taking a pill. There is also a hormonal gel called Nestorone/Testosterone. It has a higher efficiency rate than the pill. L

Photo by Jeheziel Dukes

astly, there is a non-hormonal hydrogel injection that blocks sperm called “Adam,” created by Contraline.  


Women, have several side effects when taking birth control. It can cause vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, headaches, breakthroughs, and the list goes on. While birth control for women only need to stop one egg each month; males produce millions of specimens a day. It’s important for men to become better educated on what women go through. Men should cherish the fact women are amazing beings that can create life. Nevertheless, males have an important part in the reproductive system as well. According to ACS the side effects are the following, weight gain, acne, irritability, and mood swings. Although these risks are common, it has not stopped clinical patients from testing the process. 

Alumina Jazmine Barnes said that it turns the tides for the mental burden women carry. Many problems exist besides women being pregnant unexpectedly. There are a lot of men who accidentally get women pregnant, and sometimes the situation doesn’t always work out. This preventative drug can be a savior for men who are wrongly abused by the child support system. Now, men can protect themselves from problematic situations. 

Another positive about the drug is that it can be reversed. Also, the drug does not affect sensation. The reason this drug may take a while to hit the market is liability. Many companies fear the responsibility of being liable if the drug fails. Also, companies are not sure of the amount of demand for this drug. Companies who distribute pharmaceuticals also are currently staying away because of funding. It can take years before seeing a return on invest on drugs like this said Kevin Eisenfrats CEO of Contraline Inc. Everyone in the study of men birth control area are underdogs.  

This male contraceptive is progressing, and we will continue to follow this progression. Not all heroes wear capes.  

Photo by Jeheziel Dukes