Will Artificial Intelligence Ruin the Writing World?


ChatGPT is a language model that’s shaking up the artificial intelligence world with its mind-blowing ability to generate human-like text responses to virtually any prompt! This advanced technology can hold conversations, answer questions, and even write stories with seamless ease, leaving you wondering if it’s really just a machine.

That paragraph was written by ChatGPT AI.  

The world is advancing every year and with it our technology. Students have more resources than ever when it comes to writing. Tutoring and writing departments are available as resources on all campuses. However, there are instances where students have used AI for school papers. There are issues students may not know about. Those include false information as well as incorrectly citing sources.

“We are looking toward tomorrow, advancing quickly and incorporating our latest AI writing detection capabilities–including those that recognize ChatGPT writing–into our products for educator use in 2023.” – Patti West-Smith, Senior Director of Customer Engagement and 20-year education veteran 

Educators may feel powerless with this modern technology, maybe even unprepared.  The University of North Georgia uses Turnitin.com to check student-written work for plagiarism. Turnitin now has AI detection. Educators may feel powerless with this modern technology, maybe even unprepared.  

Writing Center Director James Howard of the Gainesville campus, said that there is opportunity in this new age of technology. When we are asking students to write, what do we want students to get out of the process? Writing is a process, and students should be writing for the love of the process. The difference between AI and humans is emotion. Students can feel the passion for the subjects they are writing about. The rise of AI should not discourage students from writing or skipping the process. 

Students will be tempted to use this innovative technology regardless. The question is how do educators and students keep the focus on what is useful instead of what is harmful? There is no doubt educators should know what students know. Will this AI be the new beginning to deeper writing in literature? This will be introduced into the classrooms. Education will be affected by this technology just as education transformed to be online. Educators will need to improve their writing prompts. They’ll have to assess the process, not just the final product. Teachers should use this time to learn more about AI, to incorporate it into their lesson plans.