Living on Liver: The Animal-Based Diet

Living on Liver: The Animal-Based Diet

Recently, social media influencers such as Brian Johnson and Paul Saladino, MD have brought to light a diet that challenges the common conception of health. Both heavily prioritize the consumption of meat, especially the liver, in their modified carnivore diet.

Paul Saladino, MD (Carnivore MD)

Saladino goes by the name Carnivore MD online and preaches his animal-based diet. According to his website, the animal-based diet consists of eating only meat, organs, fruit, honey, and raw dairy. That means no vegetables, grains, and especially seed oils. He claims that vegetables contain many defense chemicals that outweigh the benefits they can provide. He lists several studies to suggest that vegetable intake is obsolete including a Frontier’s study that consisted of almost 400,000 participants.

Carnivore MD uses his social media presence to spread awareness of the negative effects of junk food and other foods people may consume. In these posts, he breaks down the negative chemicals found in common ingredients like grains and seed oils. He also claims that his diet could have beneficial results for mental health as well.

For most people, this type of diet is a daunting task. Yet Jayden Griffiths, a University of North Georgia alumni, decided to try it out a few months ago. In addition to enjoying how he felt physically, he also mentioned that his mental health improved. His diet as of right now, is an animal-based diet, but without the organs.

“I listened to a podcast, did research, tried the diet out for a month, felt the best I had ever felt and that was all the proof I needed.” – Jayden Griffiths, University of North Georgia Alumni

Brian Johnson (Liver King)

Brian Johnson is the other face of this diet and goes by Liver King on social media. Despite recent controversies, his message is for humans to get back to their “primal” form. To do this, one must follow the animal-based diet that Saladino preaches with one exception: you have to earn your carbohydrates. This requires intense workouts that Johnson films himself doing in order to earn carbs from fruits or honey.

In addition to his diet, Johnson also promotes his 9 Ancestral Tenets which are labelled as: sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond. These tenets, along with the diet, make up the Ancestral Lifestyle that Johnson encourages.

Many other figures have given this diet, as well as variations, a try. Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson are two well-known figures that have promoted modified carnivore diets. Peterson’s diet is almost strictly carnivore with the addition of minimal vegetables. Rogan’s is the same except for some additions of dairy after a strict month of steak, salt, and water.

Jordan Peterson
Joe Rogan

This diet is not without its detractors, with many articles being written about how the carnivore diet could be harmful to one’s health. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a plant-based advocate, has lambasted animal-based advocates, even saying that “they are harming people.”

“Meat has no micronutrient load. It has no phytochemicals and antioxidants, it doesn’t diffuse free radicals processed foods. A piece of chicken is like a bagel; they both are sources of calories with no significant load of micronutrients, especially the phytochemicals and antioxidants that diffuse free radicals.” – Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Mark Bell’s Power Project Podcast

Regardless of the diet one decides to pursue, it is essential to do proper research. Diets affect numerous aspects of one’s body and should be taken very seriously. Do the research and know what you put in your body.