D Phi E Hosts Annual Deepher Dude Pageant

Photo by: Mac Duffessy.

Photo by: Mac Duffessy

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority hosted an amusing and fun event with Deepher Dude on Feb. 24 at the Health and Natural Sciences Auditorium.  The sorority’s philanthropic charity is the Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.  This organization assists those struggling with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and eating disorders. ANAD encourages and guides those and their families by nourishing support, providing knowledge and understanding, and showing the paths to help patients with these conditions and also prevent the recurrence of these disorders.

The event included Kappa Sigma, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Nu, and the Unarmed Combat Club as participants.

Emma Maffett, senior psychology major, is president of Delta Phi Epsilon Chapter.  She says the goal for Deepher Dude fundraiser was to raise as much money as possible for the ANAD organization. “Ever since COVID donation numbers have gone down and now we want to raise as much money possible for this organization…” says Maffett.

Kenneth Fields, a sophomore history major had fun participating in the Deepher Dude Pageant.  “I think answering the questions was the most fun.”  Fields explains the importance of the charity, “Eating disorders mean a lot to me, ….especially when it comes down to my preferred activities as well as college and military wise.”

The contestants were comical in their dance routine to music renditions of Elvis’s music. Some made balloon animals and pretend to sing or dance for their individual performances. Everyone answered various questions for the inquisitive Delta Phi Epsilon MC’s.

The judges Crowned Brandon Outler 2023’s Deepher Dude as the crowd went wild for his victory.  He represented the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. The popular vote, “Best Elvis” went to Ayden Mavridogou from Kappa Sigma and “Most Deepher Spirit” went to Grady Colsen from Sigma Nu.

The Deepher Dude Pageant raised around $1,200 and about 500 canned food items were collected to be donated to charity, according to Maffett.

Feature Image: Mac Duffessy