Let the Sun Shine on UNG: Dahlonega’s Best Spots to Watch the Sunset

Sunset enjoyers should know the best spots in Dahlonega to watch the sun rise and fall.

In an Instagram questionnaire, a sample of the University of North Georgia students gave specific locations where people can view the sunset or sunrise near or in the Dahlonega area. Olivia Dibernardo Junior international affairs major suggested the “fire tower” for the best view. Included are pictures of places to view the sunset or sunrise near or at the UNG Dahlonega campus.

Top of the drill field 

Photos by Grace Greenich



Woody Gap outlook point

Photos by Grace Greenich


Top of the Suites parking deck

Photos by Grace Greenich


Lake Zwerner/ Resevoir

Photos by Grace Greenich

the Fire Tower

Photo by Olivia Dibernardo, an international affairs junior

Dibernardo says, “The sunsets at the fire tower are the best you’ll see in Dahlonega if you can find it. “

the Fire Tower

Photo by Avery Godwin


Blood Mountain

Photos by Christopher Yarman, a UNG alum

Yarman says, “I like being able to look out from the top of the mountain and see for miles.”

The Summit neighborhood

Photo by Mackenzie Duffessy