The DiCaprio Theory


Photo by Unsplash

These celebrities are under a microscope for the things that they do even in their personal lives, especially when their personal life aligns with another celebrity.

Some of the most sought-after couples in Hollywood have been looked at in a strange light for their very large age gaps. Although there is nothing morally or lawfully wrong with most of these relationships, it is a little strange when one partner was already acting in major films while the other was in diapers.

George and Amal Clooney are a prime example of that with their 17-year age gap. They met while they were both full functioning adults, so their relationship isn’t looked at in a bad light by society. However, that’s not always the case. Especially for Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson who have a 22-year age gap. He was 18 years old when the two met on the set for the film “Nowhere Boy” while she was already 42 years old. For these A-list couples, “age ain’t nothing but a number,” as Aaliyah sang in her hit song of the same name.

One celebrity is notorious for dumping his girlfriends before they reach a certain age.

Acclaimed movie star Leonardo DiCaprio has received numerous amounts of academy awards, almost as many girlfriends as he has awards. Most of his girlfriends have some things in common like they’re all tall, beautiful, and A-list celebrities, but the main thing they all have in common is that they don’t reach the age of 26 in their relationship with DiCaprio. Thus, the DiCaprio theory was born.

The theory began in 1998 as he went public with his first Hollywood relationship with supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The two began dating while DiCaprio was 24 years old and Bundchen was newly 18. The two dated until 2003 where Bundchen turned 24. On to his next relationship that began in 2004 with Bar Refaeli. She was 20 years old, and he was 30. The pair were together until 2009, the same year Refaeli turned 25.

Following his breakup, he and actress Blake Lively made their relationship public, but to many people’s surprise she was already 25. Their relationship was short lived, and they broke up one month shy of Lively’s 26 birthday.

“As he gets older his girlfriends get younger. It’s gross, like what is it about 25 that just grosses this man out.”- Lissa Wilson, former Leonardo DiCaprio super fan. 

Even as DiCaprio got older, this trend continued through the years with all of his other relationships of his girlfriend not being older than 25. As of now, his current girlfriend Camila Morrone is 25 years old and is three months away from entering DiCaprio’s forbidden dating age.