Pentagon Documents Leaked on Minecraft


A leak of classified documents last week has sent top Pentagon officials scrambling to confirm their validity. Documents, some of which baring the highest stamp of security “Top Secret”, were uploaded to a Discord server at some point. In March, they were saved onto a more popular, more globally accessible Minecraft server called “Minecraft Earth Maps” where they then spread to multiple platforms across the internet.

The leaked documents contain information pertaining to multiple international dealings, most notable being the war in Ukraine such as weapons deliveries, ammunition consumption, Ukraine’s military strength, training of Ukrainian troops ahead of spring war offensive, casualties of the war so far and other details of that nature. They also disclose our country’s extensive information regarding Russian intelligence, which Russia might not have known that we have. According to a reporter with Forbes Magazine, they also include surface maps that show locations of American ships and submarines around Europe. All of this information gives Russia an upper-hand, assuming the information is in fact valid.

In addition to confirming the validity of these documents, officials are trying to determine who might have leaked this sensitive information. It is important to note that there is a small international circle with which the U.S. shares some classified information. Those countries include the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but some of the aforementioned documents have markings, according to CNN reporting, that indicate that they hadn’t been shared, leading most to believe the leak must have originated within the Pentagon.

This information, if accurate, could have major implications for the current war going on between Russia and Ukraine. Some, like youtuber and military veteran, Preston Stewart, are posing the question of whether this could be an intentional leak of false information in order to throw off Russian intelligence. Though unlikely, presenting false information with intent to disorient an opponent is a tactic that has been used by many militaries throughout history. That being said, it’s highly unlikely that our government would leak these as a false flag, considering that other information leaked in these documents isn’t related to the Ukrainian war. All of this makes the U.S. look egregiously disorganized on the flanks of Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Mike Pence all being found with classified documents on their personal property in the past year.

This incident brings to light the vulnerability of American intelligence. It also showcases the growing number of platforms upon which information can be circulated, which poses a new challenge to those responsible for damage control and stopping sensitive information from spreading.