New Changes Coming to Dahlonega’s Dining Hall


Big changes are coming to the University of North Georgia Dahlonega campus’s Dining Hall that was announced at the Student Government Association meeting on April 3. The plan is to reconstruct the interior of the building to avoid food contamination and lessen foot traffic while students are getting their meals.

The General Manager for Aramark Collegiate Hospitality at UNG, Matt Judge says, “Our objective is transforming the Dining Hall from its current state to something more exuberant for our guests. By shifting some of the stations through the Dining Hall to ease congested areas, creating better flow throughout. Elevating the overall aesthetics to create an environment more welcoming with a warmer feel.”

According to others at the SGA meeting, students enjoyed being able to choose a meal once a month and starting meal trends such as Chicken Finger Friday and Wing Wednesday. With the new menu additions would allow students to choose meals more frequently. Judge says, “We have listened to our guests’ feedback through food committee, RA, ad SGA meetings, so we can incorporate this feedback into the upcoming fall semester.”

One new addition will be changing the Mongolian station to an “International Grill” said by Judge where they will be rotating multiple cultures. They will be keeping the classics including pizza, pasta, North Georgia Kitchen and True Balance. They are also planning to move the True Balance station to avoid food contamination for anyone with allergies.

Judge says that the renovations should start summer 2024 with the goal to be ready in fall 2024.