Destroy Your Finals: Delta Chi’s Car Smash

Delta Chi Car Smash, picture taken by Matthew Anderson

Delta Chi Car Smash, picture taken by Matthew Anderson

As finals get closer, starting May 1, University of North Georgia’s Delta Chi Fraternity is having an end-of-the-semester event where students can smash a car for a minute with sledgehammers and crowbars to relieve stress.

Delta Chi President, Matthew Anderson says, “The end of the semester is the culmination of months of tireless efforts from all students and most are left incredibly stressed. The purpose of Car Smash is to allow students that opportunity to effectively de-stress while doing an activity which is fun to participate in… a student can stay and de-stress as long as their heart desires.”

Delta Chi Fraternity gets the car from Kimbrell’s Used Auto Parts in Murrayville, Georgia and once the event is finished, the vehicle is returned.

During the event, everyone is supplied with gloves and eye protection and there is a tarp laid out to prevent any glass from being on the ground.

They also require closed-toe shoes.

The event will be on Wednesday, April 26 on the Dahlonega campus Promenade from noon until 3 p.m. Admission is $5.