Get Your Tuition-Free Degree: University of the People


Finding alternatives to receive a better education is becoming harder as prices are steadily on the rise. Not everyone wants to go to a trade school or join the military instead of attending a university. However, one option that not everyone knows about is the University of the People.

As inflation continues to affect the population, universities aren’t making it any easier for students. Education Data Initiative says between 2010 and 2020, the price of tuition at public four-year institutions increased by 31.4%.

The University of the People is a cheaper alternative, as it is the “first non-profit, tuition-free, American, accredited, online university.” They believe that access to higher education is a fundamental right that aids in global economic growth and peace.

Schools all around the world including, New York University, Effat University, and Harvard Business School Online, have partnered to make this a success.

A student enrolled in this University won’t have to worry about textbooks and materials required for classes. All the mandatory fees for amenities students may not even use are out the door as well. The only costs students will have to consider are the application fee of $60 and the assessment fee paid at the end of the course. This fee varies from $120-300 depending on which academic program a student aims for. These fees can be waived if the student cannot afford to pay them as well.

Emmy Naki, a former college student, says, “Some struggles I’ve had would be the cost of the classes and cost of living on campus. I would also have trouble with being unable to attend the classes I wanted because of the timing and certain classes filling up.”

“Cost and money have definitely been a factor of stress, probably the biggest one.” – Yoali Roque, student at UNG.

“I think that if I didn’t have to work to pay tuition and could just go to school, that would be good on my performance in class and my mental health. There are many times I feel like I fall short if I focus on one more than the other, but I need them both,” says Yoali Roque, a senior communications major at the University of North Georgia.

Screenshot of total cost, estimated by University of the People.

The total cost of attending the University of the People compared to the rough estimate for a year at the University of North Georgia, which averaged $21,206 for 2022-2023 is a big difference.

A downside to this university is that there isn’t a variety of programs offered. According to their website, “The university offers certificates, associate and bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Health Science as well as master’s degree programs in Business Administration, Information Technology, and Education.”

Another downside would be those who don’t work well with online coursework. Roque could see herself considering going to this university because of the cost factor. However, she says, “I’m hesitant because I think I struggled so much taking online classes during Covid-19. I see a difference in my dedication and attention compared to online and in-person classes.”