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Atlanta Braves Fans: Happily Unhappy


The art of complaining has become one of America’s most common national pastimes. Likewise, fans of baseball have always considered the sport to be America’s national pastime. With that in mind, we are left to wonder how much time can be wasted when it comes to complaining about baseball. When it comes to Atlanta Braves fans, that seems to be the only thing they have time to do.

After 26 years without a championship, Atlanta Braves fans have become quite impatient with management. A lot of big moves have been made throughout the MLB offseason, many of which Atlanta Braves fans seemed unpleased with. The twitter world erupted when Trevor Bauer signed a three year, $102 million deal with the Dodgers. Fans of essentially every other baseball team were livid that their team did not sign the reigning Cy Young award winner, and allowed the defending champs to get even better. Braves fans led the pack with these complaints.

Another contract that has become the talk of baseball was the extension the Padres gave Fernando Tatis Jr. The Padres signed Tatis Jr. to a whopping 14 year, $340 million contract. While opinions are scattered about this extension, this move did cause Braves fan to complain throughout Twitter yet again about how Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos has yet to extend Freddie Freeman’s contract.

While these were breaking news signings, they are not the signings the Braves need. They are not the type of signings anyone needs. Trevor Bauer did just win the Cy Young award, but that does not mean he deserves $42 million (roughly $5000 an hour). Bauer has just recently turned 30 years old, and history has shown that pitchers stats decline exponentially as they reach their 30s.

On the other end of the spectrum there is the Tatis Jr. extension. The Padres signed him to a 14-year extension after seeing him play only 143 games. Justice League Snyder Cut is basically going to be longer than the career of Tatis Jr. thus far. Yet, the Padres thought it would be a good idea to make a 14-year commitment. For reference, the average marriage in the United States is only eight years. Hopefully the Padres and Tatis Jr. will be able to agree on a place to eat these next 14 years.

While Atlanta Braves fans have shown their displeasure towards this offseason, they really should be excited. The Braves didn’t have to make a 14-year or $42 million commitment, yet still have essentially their entire 25-man roster returning for this season. Not only that, the Braves have also added rotation depth with Drew Smyly and Charlie Morton.

The fact of the matter is that the Braves do not have to sign mega deals to have a great team. In fact, the Braves have managed to sign rising superstars for cheap. Outfield sensation Ronald Acuña Jr. is being paid a measly five million dollars this season. Acuña and Tatis are considered the two players with the greatest potential in MLB, yet the Braves have managed to sign Acuña without making such a big commitment. The Braves may not make national headlines with their signings, but honestly that is a good thing.

Andrew Ferguson runs an Instagram fan account, and while he understands the frustration of such boring contracts, he also realizes their importance. “There have been times I was frustrated with Alex Anthopoulos, but that was mostly because he is very quiet with deals that he is working on.” Ferguson stated. “From a fan standpoint it’s frustrating, but in reality it’s probably what’s best for the team.”

Atlanta Braves fans are frustrated. They want a championship, and rightfully so. In fact, they are so used to not winning a championship that the only way they can seem to enjoy themselves is by complaining about it. Fans are happy to have new things to complain about how unhappy they are, but maybe that is a good place to be. Then again, maybe fans should find more important things to complain about. Like these rising gas prices. I mean, if they keep going up at this rate even Trevor Bauer won’t be able to afford to fill up his tank.




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Atlanta Braves Fans: Happily Unhappy