Sports Management Alumni Scores Big with Ten Point Boutique

Sports Management Alumni Scores Big with Ten Point Boutique

Ten Point Boutique is located in Dawsonville, Georgia and is owned by former University of North Georgia student Kylie Novitt. She is a University of Georgia alumni that graduated with a bachelor degree in sports management in 2017 yet decided to buy a boutique in Nov. of 2020.

Novitt’s time at UNG has helped her with her day-to-day responsibilities that she has while running Ten Point Boutique.  Novitt said “UNG taught me valuable skills such as time management, organizational skills and most importantly how to work well in groups.”

“UNG prepared me for what was to come in not only my future schooling but also for the direction that my life has taken me.” -Kylie Novitt

Ten Point Boutique had been open for 3 years before it was purchased by Novitt yet she plans to expand through the connections she has made at UNG and UGA. Novitt wants her boutique to be known for having a home-like environment for the students of her former schools.

Ten Point Boutique is located 20 minutes from UNG Dahlonega and 35 from UNG Gainesville, meaning it easily accessible for any student with a vehicle. Novitt said “I want my store to be as accessible as possible, so I created a website and it is”

Novitt said “My goal is to have Ten Point Boutique to set fashion trends on all UNG campuses therefore I want to help students afford it” and Novitt wants to achieve this by giving a 15% discount to all UNG students that show their Nighthawks Card.

“It really is true when they say, you never work a day in your life when you enjoy what you do” – Kylie Novitt

The skills that Novitt now possesses because of her college experience have helped her through all the issues experienced at Ten Point Boutique. Novitt said “I am grateful for my struggles in college because it has led to so much growth.”

Ten Point Boutique’s socials can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok @TenPointBoutique.