Leaf-Peeping Season is Near


Autumn is upon us and the leaves are already beginning to change their colors.  While the shift is not yet in full swing, the next few weeks will be the optimum time to take a drive and enjoy the vibrant hues of red, yellow, and orange.


Leafing, or leaf-peeping, is a pastime very popular in North Georgia.  Locals and travelers alike bring their motorcycles, motor homes, and everything in between to the mountains to explore the open road and serpentine curves in the Chattahoochee, Oconee, and Unicoi National Forests. 


The best part is that the UNG Gainesville campus is less than 50 miles from these beautiful mountain scenic byways throughout the mountains in and surrounding towns like Dahlonega, Helen, Blairsville, and Hiawassee.  All the better if you attend at the Dahlonega campus, as it is nestled right in the middle of the multiple national forests.  


These images give a preview of what is to come later in the leaf viewing season.  Some of the pictures taken include scenic byways like Highway 52, and State Routes 17, 180, 348, and 254.  A good starting point is downtown Dahlonega, which is connected to Blairsville via U.S. Route 19.  This road can lead you to a few beautiful strips, like 129 to Hiawassee, or 180 that connects to U.S. Route 17, the connection between Hiawassee and Helen.  Brasstown Bald and Russell Scenic Highways are good options as well.


Realistically, you can traverse using the road signs themselves, and you may need to because service is lacking in most areas. Helen offers more tourist attractions than any of the other towns, but each has its own unique atmospheres and locales. Instagrammable opportunities are endless. If you want some glamor shots of your ride, Northeast Georgia is the place to go.